Ads in Windows 11 | Get Ready for More

Microsoft is gearing up to boost the number of ads in Windows 11, impacting users beyond the Start menu and extending them into the Settings panel. Tipster Albacore recently unveiled screenshots of ads appearing in the Settings app, discovered in a test version on the Canary channel. The images reveal a prominent Microsoft 365 advertisement at the top of the Settings panel, followed by a trial period offer for the services.

Encouraging Microsoft Account Setup

Other screenshots indicate prompts to finalize Microsoft account setup, implying that logging in allows users to “get the most out of Windows.” These ads might nudge users to connect their accounts to the operating system and subscribe to specific services.

Ads in Windows 11

Ads in Windows 11 | “Badging” for Useful Notices

Microsoft has been incorporating ad spaces, referred to as “badging,” into Windows 11 for some time now. Initially tested with Windows Insiders, these ads have been introduced on a limited basis to the general public. Furthermore, Microsoft claims that these badges serve as helpful alerts for users.

Customizing Ad Preferences in Windows 11

Despite the increased ad presence, Microsoft offers an option to disable or reduce ads within the operating system. It remains unclear whether this setting will apply to ads beyond the Start menu. While advertising can generate revenue for Microsoft, it’s crucial to strike a balance between helpful notifications and overwhelming users. Striking the right balance can ensure a seamless experience and maintain user satisfaction.

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In conclusion, Microsoft’s plans to increase ads in Windows 11 may have mixed reactions from users. However, offering options to manage ad preferences can help maintain user satisfaction. This will also allow the tech giant to promote its products and services.

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