Harness the Power of AI with These 5 Time-Saving Gmail Features

Google’s renowned email service, Gmail, continually refines its service through the application of artificial intelligence, resulting in a multitude of nifty features. These AI-enhanced Gmail features contribute to increased productivity and efficiency, simplifying tasks like composing, responding, and organizing emails. Let’s take a deep dive into five AI-fueled Gmail features that can streamline your email experience.

AI Gmail features

Craft Emails Efficiently with ‘Help Me Write’

‘Help Me Write’ is a new feature in Gmail, conceived to assist users in crafting emails. It auto-completes sentences, guided by user-specific writing style knowledge obtained through advanced AI language models. This tool is currently accessible via the Workspace Labs program. To utilize ‘Help Me Write’, simply start a new message in Gmail. Click the star icon with a pencil, and compose a brief directive about what your email should cover. After clicking ‘Create’, the system will generate a text based on your guidelines. Options to either insert this text into your email or refine it further are available. Moreover, adjustments can be made to suit the email’s formality, complexity, or brevity.

Discover Efficient Writing with ‘Smart Compose’

‘Smart Compose’ is an invaluable tool for those unwilling to start an email from scratch, as it provides suggestions throughout the writing process. It utilizes a hybrid language generation model to offer word recommendations, improving the speed of writing.
By default, Gmail provides these suggestions automatically. But, you can control this by adjusting the ‘Smart Writing’ option under the ‘General’ settings. The ‘Enable Customization’ option allows personalization of these suggestions based on your writing style. To integrate a suggestion into your draft, simply press ‘Tab’.

AI Gmail features | ‘Smart Reply’

Smart Reply‘ leverages advanced machine learning technology, enabling the system to learn from past examples and provide rapid responses. Upon receiving an email, the system generates up to three response options based on the email content, which you can select and send in just a couple of clicks. Moreover, these suggested replies are tailored to your communication style, offering more sophisticated responses than just ‘Yes’, ‘No’, or ‘Maybe’.

Stay on Top with ‘Summary Cards’

The ‘Summary Cards’ function is a boon when dealing with information-heavy emails, such as airline ticket reservations. It applies machine learning algorithms to identify the relevant data from the incoming message, subsequently presenting an information card with essential details like flight dates and duration at the top of the email. This feature is highly useful for travel and purchase confirmations, reservations, ticketed events, and Google Calendar invites.

AI Gmail features | ‘Nudging’ Feature

The ‘Nudging’ feature, Gmail’s first AI application that works on both incoming and outgoing emails, is an absolute lifesaver for those prone to overlooking email responses. It utilizes machine learning to detect unanswered emails that warrant your attention, reminding you to reply or follow up on crucial messages. For incoming emails, ‘Nudging’ brings the unread messages to the top of your inbox after a few days, with a note indicating when you received it. Similarly, for outgoing emails, if there’s no reply within three days, it sends a notification asking if you’d like to send a follow-up.

AI Gmail features

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In conclusion, these AI-enhanced Gmail features represent a major step forward in boosting productivity and saving precious time. Google continues to innovate and redefine our email experience, making it more efficient and user-friendly. By leveraging these tools, users can navigate their inboxes more effectively and focus their time and effort on more significant tasks.

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