Mastering the Aesthetic: How to Activate Amazon App Dark Mode

Reading a blinding white screen in the middle of the night can be a real strain on the eyes. While it’s debatable whether activating dark mode saves battery life, there’s no arguing that it creates a more comfortable viewing experience. Some users also prefer the dark theme for its sleek user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) benefits. Despite being a popular online shopping platform, Amazon app surprisingly hasn’t introduced a native dark mode to its mobile application.

However, some apps, even those with massive user bases, have yet to embrace this feature. One notable example is the Amazon app. If you’re among the users looking for ways to enjoy your Amazon shopping in a darker hue, this guide is for you. Here, we present two effective workarounds to enable the Amazon app dark mode.

amazon app dark mode

What is Amazon App Dark Mode?

Dark mode in the Amazon app is a much-anticipated feature yet to be rolled out officially. This nocturnal theme switches the usual bright background to a darker hue, transforming your shopping experience. Moreover, it safeguards your eyes from harsh glare and offers a smooth transition from day to night browsing, making your late-night retail therapy sessions more relaxing.

How to Activate Amazon App Dark Mode?

This method involves activation of dark mode in Amazon app using the developer options. See the below steps:

Time needed: 2 minutes

  1. Unleashing the Developer Options

    Firstly, embark on this journey by heading over to your device’s ‘Settings’, followed by ‘About Phone’. Here, tap on ‘Build Number’ seven times, like a secret code unfolding the tech wizard within you.

  2. The Developer’s Den

    With the Developer Options now at your disposal, step back into ‘Settings’, but this time, navigate to the ‘System’ section. Within this technological labyrinth, you’ll find the ‘Developer Options’ awaiting your command.

  3. Engaging the Force-Dark Override

    Now comes the thrilling part. Spot the ‘Override Force-Dark’ toggle and bring it to life. With this action, you’re casting a dark spell on your device, readying it for a midnight makeover.

  4. Rebirth of the Amazon App

    Lastly, breathe new life into your Amazon app with a swift restart. Upon reopening, you’ll discover a transformed universe, bathed in soothing dark mode aesthetics.

amazon app dark mode

Wireless ADB for Dark Mode Activation

This second method involves utilizing the Shizuku app from the Play Store and the DarQ app from GitHub:

  • Firstly, download and install the Shizuku app.
  • Open it and select Pairing > Developer options.
  • Enable the ‘Wireless Debugging’ toggle.
  • Check ‘Always allow on this network’ and hit ‘Allow’.
  • Return to the app and select ‘Pair device with pairing code’.
  • A six-digit code appears. Enter this code when prompted.
  • You should see a ‘Pairing Successful’ message.
  • Return to the app’s home screen and tap ‘Start’. The service starts and notifies you accordingly.
  • Now download and install the DarQ app from GitHub.
  • Launch it, select ‘Force Dark Apps’, and choose ‘Amazon’ from the list.
  • Force-stop the Amazon app and close it from the Recents menu.
  • Finally, reopen Amazon, and dark mode will be active.

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In the end, the journey to harness the mystique of the Amazon app’s dark mode unravels a path through developer realms and hidden toggles. As the app revives, it basks in the soothing embrace of the nocturnal theme, delivering a user experience that’s as gentle on your eyes as moonlight. The mission? Accomplished. The darkness? Conquered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Amazon officially support dark mode on its app?

As of now, Amazon doesn’t officially support a dark mode feature within its app. However, using a few workarounds, you can force-enable dark mode.

Can I use dark mode across all my apps with the ‘Override Force-Dark’ option?

Yes, enabling the ‘Override Force-Dark’ option in Developer Settings will apply dark mode to all apps on your device.

Is the dark mode useful only for battery saving?

While it’s debatable whether dark mode saves significant battery life, it undoubtedly provides a more comfortable viewing experience in low light conditions, reducing eye strain.

Do I need to keep the Developer Options enabled to maintain dark mode in the Amazon app?

Yes, the ‘Override Force-Dark’ toggle in Developer Options needs to remain active for the dark mode to persist.

Can I enable dark mode in the Amazon app without Developer Options or third-party apps?

Currently, there isn’t a direct way to enable dark mode in the Amazon app without utilizing Developer Options or third-party apps.

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