Embrace Uninterrupted Streaming: How to Block Ads on Twitch Like a Pro

Block Ads on Twitch

Looking for a way to upgrade your Twitch streaming experience by doing away with pesky ad interruptions? You’re in the right place. Twitch, a dynamic live-streaming platform famed for gaming, entertainment, sports, music, and more, unfortunately, has a knack for bombarding its users with a slew of advertisements. These ads, while crucial to Twitch’s revenue model, can create unnecessary distractions at the most critical moments of your viewing. You might be wondering whether or not one could reclaim their peace and Block Ads on Twitch.

So, is there a silver bullet to these intrusive ads? The answer is a resounding yes! In this detailed guide, we will unpack a variety of techniques on how to block ads on Twitch, ensuring your streaming sessions remain undisturbed. Whether you’re an occasional viewer or a die-hard Twitch streamer, we have solutions that will help you reclaim control over your Twitch experience. Let’s dive in!

Opt for Ad Blocker Extensions for Your Browser

Arguably the simplest way to rid your Twitch experience of unwelcome ads is by leveraging ad-blocking browser extensions. Several extensions can seamlessly prevent most on-page advertisements on Twitch.

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin stands out as a top-performing, open-source ad blocker extension. It is compatible with numerous popular browsers, including Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. With an impressively low memory footprint, uBlock Origin can filter out thousands of ads without compromising streaming quality or system performance.

VPNs with Integrated Ad Blockers

VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, present another effective way to block Twitch ads. They help conceal your actual location, replacing your IP address with one from a different country. This is particularly useful because Twitch’s advertising policies vary across regions, and some countries see fewer ads.

Some VPNs come with built-in ad blockers that can prevent ads across multiple streaming platforms, including Twitch. Let’s look at a couple of popular VPNs that include ad-blocking capabilities.


Surfshark is a newcomer to the VPN scene but has quickly made a name for itself with its CleanWeb feature. CleanWeb blocks ads, trackers, and malware, making it perfect for an ad-free Twitch viewing experience. It’s also highly affordable and allows unlimited simultaneous connections, so you can secure all your devices at once.

Surfshark VPN on laptop


ExpressVPN is renowned for its lightning-fast speeds and robust security measures. It may not come with an integrated ad-blocker like NordVPN or Proton VPN, but its compatibility with popular ad-blocking extensions ensures that you have an uncluttered Twitch streaming experience. With servers across 94 countries, you can easily bypass geo-restrictions and enjoy your favorite content without the interruption of ads.

Third-Party Twitch Client Apps

Certain third-party apps allow you to enjoy Twitch live streams without ad interruptions. Not only do they support ad-free streaming, but they also offer features like instant replay and customizable interfaces.

Impulse – Twitch Client

Impulse successfully reduces the number of visible ads on Twitch. It allows for distraction-free viewing of live streams, VODs, and clips, though embedded ads may occasionally pop up during streaming sessions. Additionally, Impulse comes with useful features such as a Sleep Timer and Multi-Support window.

Subscribing to Channels or Twitch Turbo

Finally, one of the most direct ways to remove ads is by subscribing to individual channels or to Twitch Turbo. Subscribing to a channel often provides an ad-free experience while also supporting the content creator. Do ensure that ad-free viewing is part of the subscription benefits, as this may vary from channel to channel.

If you’d rather subscribe to Twitch instead of a particular channel, Twitch Turbo is a great option. For a monthly fee, Twitch Turbo provides ad-free viewing across Twitch, along with exclusive chat badges, emote expansion packs, custom chat username colors, and extended broadcast storage.

Block Ads on Twitch

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Final Thoughts

Navigating the world of Twitch without the constant interruptions of ads can truly elevate your streaming experience to a new level. The tools and techniques described in this guide offer you a versatile set of options to regain control over your viewing pleasure. Whether it’s through ad-blocking extensions, VPNs, third-party clients, or subscribing to your favorite channels or Twitch Turbo, you now have the knowledge to make an informed decision that best suits your needs.

In a digital age where advertising often feels intrusive, having the power to curate your online experience is empowering. Remember, the choice to block ads is entirely personal, and what works best for you may vary depending on your preferences and streaming habits. No matter the method you choose, the end goal remains the same: a seamless, enjoyable experience on Twitch, where the only interruptions are those you choose to engage with. Happy streaming, and may your future Twitch adventures be ad-free!

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