Arknights Tier List: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Operators in the Game

Hello, fellow Arknights enthusiasts! If you’re here, you’re probably hooked on one of the most captivating gacha games out there. Today, we’re delving into an in-depth guide to the Arknights Tier List so that you can get the most out of your strategic defenses.

What Makes Arknights Unique?

Developed by Chinese developers Studio Montagne and Hypergryph, Arknights combines the thrill of a tower defense game with the intricate character development of gacha games. It gained worldwide popularity due to its stunning art design, the limited grind, and the lack of purchase pressure, making it both accessible and enjoyable for all players.

The game hinges on the strategic placement of characters, or “operators,” onto specific tiles to block the advancing enemies. There are 8 classes that each operator belongs to, each defining their position and role in the game. Today, we’ll be focusing on the cream of the crop within each class, helping you navigate through the diverse range of characters in Arknights.

Arknights Tier List

The Arknights Tier List Explained

The operators in Arknights are divided into five tiers, from S to D, based on their combat effectiveness. S-Tier operators are the meta-defining ones, fit for nearly all combat situations. The A-Tier operators are just a tad behind, but still solid choices. B-Tier and C-Tier operators are serviceable, although they might struggle in tougher combat situations. And the D-Tier? Well, we recommend steering clear of them unless you find a very niche use.

Let’s explore the tier list for each class.

1. Arknights Tier List: Casters

Casters in Arknights are mage-like operators, using Arts damage to break through enemies’ defenses, making them invaluable in your roster. Let’s dive into the tier list for the Caster class.

CeobeSAn elite single-target Caster, whose DPS increases with the enemies’ defense, making her ideal against high-armor foes.
EyjafjallaSKnown for superior AoE and single-target damage; also decreases enemies’ magic resistance, boosting your overall damage output.
IfritSSpecializes in line AoE damage; can significantly lower enemy resistance, which can wreak havoc on enemy lines.
MostimaSAn AoE Caster who can slow enemies and recharge her team’s skills faster.
AmiyaAA versatile operator who can switch between single-target and AoE damage.
AbsintheAKnown for her unique ability to deal high true damage when the enemy’s HP is low.
BeeswaxAA dual-block Caster who can create barriers to block enemies.
GitanoAA versatile AoE Caster who excels at stages with high enemy density.
LeonhardtAShines in certain scenarios with his ability to stun enemies and deal heavy AoE damage.
MintAA magic guard who can deal Arts damage to enemies in the surrounding area.
SkyfireAAn AoE Caster who can stun enemies.
ClickBA new-generation Caster who excels at crowd control.
GreyyBA control specialist who can slow and stun enemies.
HazeBCapable of reducing the magic resistance of enemies.
LeizeBA Caster who can deal massive damage to enemies with high magic resistance.
NightmareBA dual-mode operator who can either heal allies or slow enemies.
TomimiBA pseudo-AoE operator who can deal damage to two enemies simultaneously.
LavaCA beginner-friendly AoE Caster.
StewardCA single-target Caster who can deal considerable damage to magic-weak enemies.
12FDHis skills are somewhat lacking, and he gets outclassed by other operators in higher tiers.
DurinDAlthough Durin has a cute design, her skills and stats are unfortunately not competitive.

Note that a lower tier doesn’t necessarily mean the operator is bad; it just means there might be better options. After all, a strategic choice based on a specific level and your team composition can sometimes prove a lower-tier operator more useful!

2. Arknights Tier List: Defenders

Defenders in Arknights act as your team’s main defensive line. They can block multiple enemies, have high HP, and typically have skills to enhance their defensive capabilities. Let’s examine the Defender class tier list:

BlemishineSA healing defender who also buffs her allies’ healing capabilities.
EunectesSA high DPS Defender who can single-handedly hold down a lane.
HoshigumaSWith her damage-reflecting ability, she makes an excellent frontline tank.
LiskarmSKnown for her ability to recharge allies’ SP and high defense.
MudrockSA self-sustainable Defender with her self-healing and shield-generating ability.
NianSUnique defender with abilities to increase her own defense and resist various types of damage.
SariaSShe’s valued for her healing abilities and for the utility she brings to the team.
AsbestosAA ranged defender who can deal Arts damage and slow enemies.
BisonAA defensive specialist who can reduce the damage taken by allies.
CroissantAKnown for her ability to knockback enemies and her high HP.
CuoraAA top-tier operator who has high defense and can block multiple enemies.
NearlAA healing defender who can both tank damage and heal allies.
VulcanAA self-sustainable defender who can heal herself while dealing damage.
BubbleBA healing defender who can generate shields for allies.
Dur-NarBExcels in stages with high physical damage due to her ability to increase her own defense.
GummyBA healing defender who can help maintain the team’s HP.
HungBHis healing capability is linked to his damage, making him a situational choice.
MattherhornBHe can increase his defense substantially, making him good against physical damage enemies.
BeagleCA balanced operator suitable for beginners.
CardiganCA healing defender who can self-regenerate her HP.
SpotCAn operator who heals himself while blocking enemies.
Noir CorneDDespite being a starter, his performance is outclassed by other operators as the game progresses.

Remember, understanding the individual operator’s strengths and how they fit into your overall team strategy is key to mastering Arknights!

3. Arknights Tier List: Guards

Guards are highly versatile operators in Arknights. They can fulfill a variety of roles, from blocking and DPS to crowd control and support. Here is how the Guard class operators stack up:

BlazeSKnown for her sustained AoE damage and high endurance.
Ch’enSA dual-strike guard who can deal massive damage to multiple enemies at once.
HellagurSA self-sustaining guard who can’t be healed by others but has high damage and dodge rate.
LapplandSA ranged guard who can silence enemies and deal Arts damage.
SilverAshSOne of the strongest operators, boasting high damage and strategic skills.
SkadiSA melee guard who excels at dealing high single-target damage.
SpecterSKnown for her invincibility skill and decent AoE damage.
SurtrSA guard with a unique mechanic, she temporarily increases her stats significantly and then is automatically retreated.
ThornsSA ranged guard who can continuously deal damage to enemies.
AstesiaAA guard who can deal high Arts damage to multiple enemies at once.
AyerscarpeAA ranged guard who can deal physical damage and reduce enemies’ defense.
BibeakAA lightning-themed guard who can stun enemies.
BrocaAA guard who deals AoE Arts damage with his skills.
FlintAShe specializes in slowing and damaging enemies.
FrankaACan deal true damage, ignoring the defense of enemies.
IndraAA high DPS guard who is hard to obtain but worth the investment.
UtageAA self-sustaining operator who excels in holding lanes on her own.
WhislashACan buff her teammates, increasing their attack speed.
AreneBA ranged guard with low cost and solid damage output.
BeehunterBA fast-hitting guard with a high dodge rate.
ConvictionBA unique guard who has varying attack power.
CutterBAn operator who excels at dealing with aerial enemies.
EstelleBAn AoE guard who can heal herself when she defeats an enemy.
FlamebringerBA self-sustainable guard with a limitless skill duration.
FrostleafBA ranged guard with slow and Arts damage abilities.
JackieBA new-generation guard who deals Arts damage.
MatoimaruBA melee guard with high DPS but low defense.
MelanthaBA high HP and attack guard with a low deployment cost.
MousseBA guard who deals Arts damage and can reduce enemies’ Arts resistance.
SavageBAn AoE guard who deals high damage to multiple enemies.
SiderocaBA guard with the ability to increase her defense and heal herself.
Castle-3CAlthough useful in the early stages, his viability decreases as the game progresses.
MidnightCA ranged guard who can increase the Arts damage dealt to enemies.
PopukarCAn AoE guard who can deal more damage at the cost of her HP.
SwireCA support guard who can increase the attack power of allies.
DobermannDHer main use is as a trainer operator, boosting the EXP of other operators in the base.

Tier placement can vary based on the different strategic needs and playstyles, so use this guide as a general reference and find what works best for your team.

4. Arknights Tier List: Medic

Medics are crucial in any squad. These operators ensure your team’s survival by providing necessary healing and support. Here’s a ranking of the Medics available in Arknights:

ShiningSKnown for her ability to grant defensive buffs and large healing capabilities.
SilenceSA versatile medic who can deploy a healing drone.
WarfarinSKnown for her healing and support capabilities, particularly enhancing other operators’ attack stats.
CeylonAA ranged medic who provides healing and also increases the RES of operators.
NightingaleAA medic known for her Arts damage resistance buff and AoE healing.
PerfumerAA medic who provides global healing with her abilities.
PtilopsisAProvides AoE healing and decreases SP cost for all operators.
WhisperainAA unique medic who heals operators and also cleanses them of any debuffs.
BreezeBA ranged medic who provides decent healing, especially effective for high-density enemy stages.
FolinicBA dual-target medic who can switch between healing and dealing Arts damage.
GavialBA medic who provides great healing and also increases the healing received by operators.
MyrrhBA single target healer who can increase her healing range with her abilities.
SussurroBA single target healer who can increase her healing output when the ally’s HP is below a certain point.
AnselCAn early-game medic who provides solid healing for a low cost.
HibiscusCA starter medic with decent healing capabilities.
Lancet-2CA robot medic who provides minor healing at zero cost.

While this list is based on general utility, remember that the value of an operator can greatly depend on the context of a mission and the synergies with your other operators.

Arknights Tier List

5. Arknights Tier List: Sniper

Snipers play a crucial role in Arknights, providing damage from afar and taking out airborne enemies. Here’s how the Snipers stack up:

ExusiaiSA rapid-fire sniper with high DPS. One of the best damage dealers in the game.
MeteoriteSAn AoE Sniper who deals substantial damage and can debuff enemies’ defense.
RosaSA long-range sniper that can attack the furthest enemy and deals extra damage to heavy units.
Rosmontis SchwarzSA sniper with a unique attack mechanic, dealing AoE physical damage.
WSA sniper that deals AoE damage and can stun enemies.
AndreanaAA sniper who can increase her own attack speed and has increased effectiveness against aerial units.
Blue PoisonAA fast sniper with poison that deals additional damage over time.
FirewatchAA long-range sniper that can hit multiple targets simultaneously.
GreythroatAA sniper who can increase her own attack speed through abilities.
PlatinumAA long-range sniper with consistent DPS output.
ProvenceAA high-risk, high-reward sniper that deals more damage the less health enemies have.
AciddropBA sniper with a unique attack mechanic, dealing more damage the more enemies there are.
AostaBA sniper who specializes in attacking aerial units.
AprilBA sniper who can slow enemies and deals additional damage to aerial units.
ExecutorBA sniper with short range but high HP and strong AoE damage.
MayBA sniper who can slow and stun enemies.
SesaBA sniper that can decrease enemies’ defense and deals AoE damage.
ShirayukiBAn AoE sniper who can also deal Arts damage.
VermeilBA sniper who can heal herself and increase her attack speed.
AmbrielCA long-range sniper who deals more damage the further enemies are.
CatapultCAn AoE sniper who deals moderate damage.
JessicaCA versatile sniper who can increase her own evasion.
KroosCA solid starter sniper with good damage output.
MeteorCA sniper who can reduce enemies’ movement speed.
AdnachielDA basic sniper suitable for the early game.
RangersDA low-cost sniper that deals moderate damage.

Please note that different maps may favor different snipers, so while this list offers a general ranking, individual effectiveness may vary.

6. Arknights Tier List: Specialist

Specialists are the unique forces of your Arknights squad, offering abilities outside the standard archetypes. Let’s see how they rank:

AakSA unique operator who can greatly increase another operator’s DPS at the cost of their HP.
PhantomSA high DPS operator with stealth and clone creation abilities.
Projekt RedSA fast redeploy operator who excels at assassinating single targets.
WeedySA push specialist with high DPS and control abilities.
CliffheartAA pull specialist that can pull enemies towards her and deal physical damage.
EthanAA crowd control specialist who can bind enemies in place.
FeaterAA push specialist that can push enemies away from her.
GravelAA fast redeploy operator that can be used as a distraction.
JayeAA block specialist who can bind enemies and increase his own defense.
ManticoreAAn evasion specialist with AoE damage, useful for crowd control.
Waai FuAA debuff specialist that can reduce enemy defenses.
RopeBA pull specialist who can move enemies closer to her.
SnowsantBA push specialist with AoE slow effect.
ShawBA push specialist, effective in maps where enemies can be pushed into hazards.
THRM-EXCA fast-redeploy operator with a unique ability to deal heavy damage to a single enemy.

Specialists can often turn the tide of a battle, so don’t underestimate their capabilities based on their unconventional roles!

7. Arknights Tier List: Support

Supporters play a vital role in the battlefield, aiding your team with their potent abilities. Here’s our ranking for them:

AngelinaSA versatile supporter who provides SP, slows enemies, and deals magic damage.
MagallanSExcellent at controlling the battlefield with her summoning drones.
SceneSProvides excellent crowd control with her summons and abilities.
ShamareSA debuff specialist who can decrease the attack and defense of enemies.
SuzuranSOffers remarkable crowd control with slow and debuff skills.
GlaucusAA specialist in dealing with aerial enemies and drones.
IstinaAA caster-type supporter who provides decent DPS and slows enemies.
MayerAGreat at battlefield control with her summoning robots.
PramanixACan debuff enemies, reducing their defense and attack speed.
SoraAProvides unique buffs to allies and debuffs to enemies.
DeepcolorBA summoner who can control the battlefield with her tentacles.
PodencoBCan heal allies and slow down enemies.
TsukinogiBOffers a range of buffs and debuffs, but lacks in DPS.
EarthspiritCCan slow enemies and reduce their defense, but has lower impact compared to higher-tiered Supporters.
OrchidCA low-cost operator who can slow down enemies.

Remember, a well-placed support can dramatically enhance your squad’s effectiveness, even if they’re not the ones dealing direct damage. It’s all about strategy in Arknights!

8. Arknights Tier List: Vanguard

Last but not least, the vanguards are your front-line soldiers, providing early DP and holding off enemies while your main operators set up. Here’s how we rank them:

BagpipeSExceptional vanguard who can deal significant damage.
ElysiumSHis abilities boost sniper units and provide early DP.
MyrtleSOne of the best DP-on-kill vanguards, and can heal allies.
SiegeSA powerful vanguard who excels in combat and provides early DP.
ReedAShe’s able to dish out respectable damage and has a good survival rate.
TexasAExcellent vanguard with a strong crowd-control skill.
VignaASingle-block vanguard who can deal heavy damage.
ZimaAGreat for her cost, she can provide DP and improve the performance of other vanguards.
ChiaveBOffers good crowd control capabilities and additional support to the team.
CourierBA sturdy vanguard who can provide an early DP boost.
GraniBSolid in the early game for her cost, she can gather DP effectively.
ScavengerBNot as strong as the higher-tier vanguards, but still capable of collecting DP.
FangCAn entry-level vanguard who provides early DP.
PlumeCDecent at generating DP, but her low durability holds her back.
VanillaCOffers the basic functionality of a vanguard.
YatoDLowest tier vanguard due to her limited abilities.

And with that, we’ve covered every class in Arknights! Remember, the tier list serves as a guide, but every operator can shine with the right strategy and team setup.

The Caster Class

From S to D, the tier list for the Caster class ranges from incredible operators like Ceobe, Eyjafjalla, Ifrit, and Mostima (S-Tier) to ones best avoided, like 12F and Durin (D-Tier).

Amiya, Absinthe, Beeswax, Gitano, Leonhardt, Mint, and Skyfire are some of the A-Tier operators that can add significant firepower to your team.

Arknights Tier List

The Defenders

If you’re looking for reliable front-liners, S-Tier operators like Blemishine, Eunectes, Hoshiguma, Liskarm, Mudrock, Nian, and Saria should be your go-to choices.

Despite being a tier lower, operators like Asbestos, Bison, Croissant, Cuora, Nearl, and Vulcan (A-Tier) still deliver a commendable performance.

The Guards

In the Guard class, operators such as Blaze, Ch’en, Hellagur, Lappland, SilverAsh, Skadi, Specter, Surtr, and Thorns dominate the S-Tier.

There’s also an extensive list of A-Tier operators like Astesia, Ayerscarpe, Bibeak, Broca, Flint, Franka, Indra, Utage, and Whislash that can hold their own in combat.

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Arknights Tier List: Medics, Snipers, Specialists, Supporters, and Vanguards

Similar patterns can be observed in the remaining classes. Medics like Shining, Silence, and Warfarin, Snipers such as Exusiai, Meteorite, Rosa, Rosmontis Schwarz, and W, and Specialists like Aak, Phantom, Projekt Red, and Weedy are some of the many S-Tier operators in their respective classes.

Supporters Angelina, Magallan, Scene, Shamare, Suzuran, and Vanguards Bagpipe, Elysium, Myrtle, and Siege also fall under the S-Tier category.

A Final Note

To sum up, this comprehensive Arknights Tier List is intended to help you select the best operators for your party. The game’s unique blend of strategic gameplay and remarkable art design make it an absolute must-try if you haven’t already. Available for both Android and iOS, Arknights offers a gaming experience that’s addictive, engaging, and fun. Likewise, you can also try the game now on PC.

Keep this tier list as your handy guide while you navigate the complex world of Arknights. Be sure to check out the Arknights Wiki page for more information. Happy gaming, folks!

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