Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Bags Anatel Approval

Galaxy Z Fold 5

Setting the tech stage ablaze, Samsung is poised to unveil its fresh batch of foldable smartphones this July at an event in Seoul, South Korea. One of these advanced models, the Galaxy Z Fold 5, just crossed a significant milestone in Brazil. It recently bagged approval from the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), greenlighting its entry … Read more

YouTube Blocking Ad-Block Globally, Including Brazil

YouTube blocking ad-block

YouTube, the online video behemoth, has recently launched an audacious global trial and is blocking the usage of ad-block tools among its users. The platform has been flashing an alert for these users, announcing their limited viewing privilege of only three videos. In a bold move, YouTube requests users to grant permission for ad display, … Read more

Mastering Screen Recording on Windows

Screen Recording Windows

The ability to record a PC screen in Windows operating systems, whether it’s Windows 10 or Windows 11, is an essential skill in the digital era. If you’re feeling unsure about how to accomplish this, don’t worry, this guide will explain two straightforward methods for Windows screen recording. Don’t forget to explore our myriad of … Read more

External Solid State Drives (SSDs): Ranging from 240GB to 2TB

External Solid State Drives

For individuals in search of a reliable and high-speed data transportation and storage solution, external solid state drives prove to be an exceptional choice. With a range of renowned brands like Multilaser, Western Digital, SanDisk, and Samsung, offering products at prices starting from as low as R$199, there is an external SSD that caters to … Read more

Meta Verified Status: Instagram and Facebook Verification Badges

Meta Verified Status

Meta Verified is a new subscription-based service. It offers many premium benefits to Instagram and Facebook users. It was recently launched by Meta in Brazil. The cost of the service is R$ 55 per month. The primary attraction of this meta verified status subscription is the coveted verification seal. This seal boosts the professionalism of … Read more

Most Value-Oriented Graphics Processing Unit for Gaming Laptops

Graphics Processing Unit

The ever-growing gaming landscape of 2023 is a mecca of innovative options, with gaming notebooks no longer being a luxury but a necessity for many. With the increased influx of these notebooks in the Brazilian market, the variety of options has diversified, catering to numerous budgets and requirements. Investing in high-end gaming laptops or those … Read more

Video Game Featuring a Real-Life Actor Worthy of an Oscar

Video Game Actor

Video games have earned recognition as powerful storytelling mediums, often made more impressive with the contribution of a real-life actor. They bring an extra dimension of performance quality to characters and draw the admiration of fans, adding significant depth and authenticity. Some extraordinary instances include Terry Crews in “Crackdown 3”, Keanu Reeves in “Cyberpunk 2077”, … Read more

Microsoft Limited Edition Barbie-themed Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S

Microsoft, the tech giant behind Xbox, recently disclosed an exciting new development — a limited edition Barbie-themed Xbox Series S — and, it’s sure to catch the eye of gaming enthusiasts. It’s not for sale, but Microsoft promises fans a chance to win this vibrant console in an international giveaway launching July 10. Alongside this … Read more

Elevate Your Computing Power: A Guide to NVMe SSD Options


NVMe Solid State Drives (SSDs) are the go-to choice for those desiring a performance boost in their personal computers or laptops. The latest NVMe SSD models are equipped with cutting-edge technology, surpassing their SATA counterparts in terms of speed and efficiency. As of June 2023, numerous cost-effective options, like the Somnambulist Dragon SSD, are available, … Read more

Apple Ecosystem: Benefits of Integrating Branded Products

Apple Ecosystem

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, the integration of devices within an ecosystem has become increasingly important. Apple, a frontrunner in the market, has established itself as a benchmark for integrating its range of branded products. With a focus on delivering a superior user experience and streamlined connectivity, Apple devices such as iPhones, MacBooks, and … Read more