Navigating Snapchat: A Guide to Viewing Friends’ Birthdays

Charting the course of ‘Social Media Connect’, Snapchat has been pivotal in strengthening bonds through interactive communication and shared unforgettable moments. One such feature enables you to ‘see birthdays on Snapchat’, ensuring you never miss out on your friends’ significant celebrations. Continue reading for a thorough guide on how to keep tabs on birthdays through this widely-used platform.

birthdays on snapchat

Birthdays on Android Snapchat

This article takes you through the process of viewing birthday data on Snapchat across multiple devices, along with some interesting ideas for sending a celebratory snap to express your appreciation and affection. Here’s how to see birthdays on Android Snapchat to follow:

Time needed: 2 minutes

  1. Ignite Snapchat on Android:

    Begin your journey by launching the Snapchat app from your Android device’s home screen.

  2. Connect Through Chat:

    At the bottom of the interface, tap the ‘Chat’ option, your gateway to birthday insights.

  3. Choose a Friend:

    Traverse your chat history and select a friend whose birthday you wish to discover.

  4. Enter the Rocket Realm:

    The rocket-shaped icon or ‘Minis’ is your next stop. Give it a gentle tap.

  5. Unveil Birthdays:

    Select ‘Birthdays’ from the options laid before you. Voila, Snapchat reveals the chronological list of upcoming birthdays!

  6. Alternative Path – Camera Page:

    Want a shortcut? Turn to the camera page and select ‘All Minis’ followed by ‘Birthdays’, or choose ‘My Minis’ and then ‘Birthdays’ – your express route to your friends’ birthday information!

Birthdays on IOS Snapchat

For iPhone users, Snapchat offers a convenient Birthday Page to ‘see birthdays on Snapchat’. Here’s how you can access it:

  • Firstly, launch the Snapchat app.
  • Tap on Chat at the bottom of your screen.
  • Choose a friend’s username from your chat history.
  • Click the rocket-shaped icon (Minis).
  • Finally, tap Birthdays.

Snapchat will collate an upcoming birthday list, with imminent birthdays at the top. For quick access, a Birthday Page shortcut can be created via ‘Games and Minis’ > ‘Birthdays’ > ‘My Minis’ > ‘Birthdays’.

birthdays on snapchat

Snapchat Birthdays on an iPad

While Snapchat isn’t inherently designed for iPads, users have found ways around this. Furthermore, here’s how you can check birthdays on your iPad:

  • Firstly, open Snapchat and go to Chat on the bottom menu.
  • Click on a friend’s username.
  • Tap the rocket-shaped Minis icon.
  • Finally, hit Birthdays.

The list displays upcoming birthdays at the top. For a quick access route, create a shortcut via ‘Games and Minis’ > ‘Birthdays’ > ‘My Minis’ > ‘Birthdays’.

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Snapchat’s Birthday feature brings an interactive twist to your digital social interactions, serving as a gentle reminder of the joy of commemorating those we hold dear. The user-friendly steps detailed above make it more convenient than ever to ‘see birthdays on Snapchat’, ensuring no special occasion slips through the cracks. Because in the digital age, no distance is too great, no birthday too small to celebrate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Birthday feature on Snapchat?

Celebrating becomes easier with Snapchat’s Birthday feature! It lets you see your friends’ birthdays, so you can always wish them on time.

Is it possible to access Snapchat’s Birthday feature on all devices?

Yes, indeed! Whether you own an Android, iPhone, or even an iPad, Snapchat ensures you can access the Birthday feature without hassle.

Will Snapchat remind me about my friend’s birthdays?

Absolutely! Snapchat cares for your friendships. It creates a chronological list of upcoming birthdays, so you’ll never miss wishing a friend.

What happens if I click on ‘Minis’?

Venturing into ‘Minis’ unfolds more features, including ‘Birthdays’. It’s your ticket to finding out your friends’ birthday dates on Snapchat.

What is a ‘Birthday Snap’?

A ‘Birthday Snap’ is a festive feature by Snapchat, where you can send decorated photos or videos to your friends on their birthdays. Isn’t that sweet?

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