Pick the right CPU Cooler: Air vs. AIO vs. Custom Loop

Pick the right CPU Cooler

Building your dream PC is akin to crafting a masterpiece. Each component, carefully selected, plays its part in the symphony of performance and aesthetics. As you embark on this intricate journey, one particular choice emerges as both crucial and perplexing: the CPU cooler. This component is not just another piece in the puzzle; it’s the … Read more

How to Take Screenshots on the PS5 and Then View them Online?

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The PlayStation 5 (PS5) has brought a new wave of opportunities for gamers, including the ability to easily take screenshots or videos on the PS5 and share them with friends online. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through every step, including how to view and edit these captures. Here’s how you can capture and … Read more

Checking Your RAM Speed: A Guide to Identifying DDR3 and DDR4 on Windows 10

DDR3 and DDR4

Ever felt that frustrating lag on your computer and wondered if a RAM upgrade might be the magic solution? You’re not alone! Many people associate more RAM with better performance, but there’s more to the story than just piling on extra gigabytes. What if I told you that the type of RAM, specifically when it’s … Read more

Transforming Your TV into a Computer Monitor: A Brief Guide

Using your television as a computer monitor – the idea can be enticing. Imagine the expansive workspace and the cinematic gaming experiences. But, is this concept as enticing in reality as it is in your imagination? Here’s a detailed exploration of the ins and outs of utilizing your HDTV as a computer monitor. A common … Read more

Perfecting Your View: A Guide to Calibrating External Display on macOS

External Display on macOS

Apple’s ecosystem is well-known for offering an unparalleled user experience, from their beautifully designed devices to the impeccable display quality. Particularly, Apple monitors are famous for their crystal-clear displays, rich colors, and sharp contrasts. But what if you want to enjoy this quality on a non-Apple monitor paired with your MacBook? You might find that … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Operating Mac OS Monterey on Ubuntu

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Have you ever considered that you could operate the most recent Mac OS Monterey right within Ubuntu Linux? It’s not a far-fetched idea. Courtesy of the incredibly versatile Quickemu virtualization tool, you can swiftly set up a Mac OS Monterey Virtual Machine (VM) on your Ubuntu system. However, a word of caution: emulating Mac OS … Read more

Step Up Your Video Calls: How to Use an External Webcam for FaceTime on Mac

External Webcam for FaceTime

FaceTime has revolutionized the way we communicate, enabling us to connect with loved ones, colleagues, and even healthcare professionals through seamless video calls. However, if you’ve ever been stuck with low lighting or disappointed by your Mac’s built-in webcam quality, you’re certainly not alone. Many users find that while the Mac’s webcam isn’t terrible, it … Read more

Rectifying Fans Running At Full in Mac & Unrecognised Battery

Owning a Mac usually equates to a seamless experience. However, even these resilient machines may run into occasional hiccups. This could be as minimal as a sudden rush of fan speed, an unacknowledged battery, or the keyboard backlight refusing to illuminate. Luckily, these seemingly intricate hardware issues can often be remedied quite easily. This article … Read more

Fix Issues When Your Google Pixel Won’t Stay On & Overheats

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The Google Pixel, despite having faced some hitches, continues to be one of the most preferred smartphones globally. This article addresses a recurring issue many Google Pixel users encounter – the smartphone doesn’t stay on and consistently overheats. This article will guide you through different troubleshooting steps to resolve “Google Pixel Won’t Stay On” problem. … Read more

Fix the Challenge of a Flashing Blue Light on Your PS4 Controller

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As the proud owner of a Sony PlayStation 4, you’ve probably encountered the occasional hiccup when your wireless DualShock 4 controller decides to blink a blue light at you persistently. While this can be a tad unnerving, this color-coded message is an indication that the controller may be struggling with pairing or syncing to another … Read more