Discover ‘Chatbot’ for Spotify: Playlist Based on Mood

Filtr Music is a unique, interactive chatbot available free for both Android and iPhone (iOS) users. An initiative by Sony Music Brasil, this tool crafts personalized playlists, catering to individual musical tastes and moods. To utilize this exciting feature, you’ll have to engage in a dialogue with the bot, responding to several queries. These will cover your preferred music genres, current mood, and even your most-used music streaming platform, such as Spotify, Deezer, or YouTube. The end result? A tailor-made playlist that echoes your present mood.

Chatbot for Spotify

The Chatbot’s Functionality Beyond Playlists

One noteworthy aspect of the bot’s functionality is its permission-based data retention, allowing it to suggest various other content types. These can range from fresh releases and music videos to artist appearances on TV shows and live performances. Hence, the interaction extends beyond mere playlists, paving the way for a comprehensive music experience. Your journey with Filtr Music begins on WhatsApp. After initiating the chat (Filtr Music Link), you need to give your consent for data storage, following which you provide your full name and email. This step kickstarts the process of crafting a music experience as unique as you.

Chatbot for Spotify | Creating a Personalized Playlist

After providing the initial details, your date of birth is the next piece of information the chatbot requires. Following this, you get to choose your preferred interaction: whether to pick a ‘Genre,’ explore ‘Artists,’ or delve into ‘Playlists.’ As the bot responds, you can navigate through option menus, selecting your musical preferences. The ‘Artists’ option lets you select your favorite musicians from a given list, further refining the kind of music that will feature in your playlist. As you interact more with Filtr Music, its suggestions become more personalized, offering you playlists that truly resonate with your taste and mood.

Chatbot for Spotify | Platform Preference

The Filtr Music chatbot also asks you to choose the type of content you’d like to consume: ‘Playlist,’ ‘Show,’ or ‘Social Networks,’ and select your preferred platform. Your answers will shape the bot’s subsequent recommendations, ensuring an optimal, personalized experience. Upon finalizing your preferences, you’ll receive a link to your unique content. To continue interacting, select the heart emoji.

Opt for the ‘Play’ option and open the ‘Vibes Menu’ to express your current mood. Furthermore, this selection will influence the music you’re about to discover, making the playlist truly reflect your state of mind. Lastly, select your mood and music genre. Following this, you’ll pick a playlist type from the options menu and your preferred platform. Voila! The bot now has all it needs to suggest content that aligns with your current mood.

Chatbot for Spotify

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In conclusion, Filtr Music cleverly fuses technology and music, bringing you a tailor-made, mood-based musical experience. Through the simplicity of a WhatsApp conversation, you can tap into a vast universe of melodies that connect with your emotions and echo your current mood. Whether you’re feeling joyful or contemplative, there’s a soundtrack waiting for you. Embrace the future of music with AI-powered streaming through Filtr Music, and let your every mood find its perfect melody!

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