ChatGPT Apps to Download on Your Smartphone Today

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI, offers intriguing features such as summarizing texts and solving mathematical calculations. Although it doesn’t have a dedicated app, numerous ChatGPT apps are available for both iPhone (iOS) and Android devices.

ChatGPT Apps

Here’s a list of seven ChatGPT apps you can download on your smartphone today.

AI Smith Open Chatbot

AI Smith Open Chatbot is available for iPhone (iOS) devices and utilizes the ChatGPT API. It offers different AI assistants such as email writers, comedians, and password generators. The free version allows five daily questions, while paid plans provide unlimited questions and additional features.

Assistant AI: Chatbot | ChatGPT Apps

Exclusive for iOS systems, Assistant AI offers chat functionality in its free version. Premium users enjoy access to an image creator, email composing features, and more. The app is available in Portuguese and has a simple interface.

Genie – ChatGPT AI Chatbot

Genie, compatible with iPhone (iOS) and Android, answers questions, recognizes images, and summarizes PDF files. The app also features categories like “artist” and “personal,” making it easier to use. The free version has limited daily interactions, and a subscription is required for unlimited access.

ChatGPT Apps

Bing – Your AI Copilot | ChatGPT Apps

ChatSonic, available for iPhone (iOS) and Android, offers all its features for free, including answering questions, image generation, voice commands, and conversation history. The app also provides custom avatars, allowing the bot to assume different personalities.

Chatbot – GPT AI Chat, Ask AI

Available for Android phones, Chatbot – GPT promises advanced artificial intelligence. The app offers unlimited answers for both free users and subscribers, with premium users gaining access to conversation history, image recognition, and more.

Nova – ChatGPT AI Chatbot

Exclusive to Android devices, Nova uses a credit system for asking questions. Users get three free daily credits, while paid versions offer unlimited conversations, GPT-4 access, and more. The app also allows users to browse categories and use pre-existing prompts for a more engaging experience.

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In conclusion, these 7 ChatGPT apps offer various features and capabilities, catering to different user needs. From AI Smith to Nova, each app has its unique strengths, making it worthwhile to explore which one best fits your requirements. With these apps available on iOS and Android, you can easily bring the power of ChatGPT to your fingertips and enjoy the benefits of AI-driven communication and assistance.

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