Dragon Age Inquisition: A Guide to DAI Console Commands

As a trailblazer in the realm of action RPGs, the Dragon Age series reached a significant milestone with Dragon Age Inquisition. Released in 2014, it garnered instant acclaim for its intricate environments, engrossing narrative, as well as a dynamic combat system. However, with the game approaching a decade in existence, avid players might find some aspects becoming somewhat redundant. Therefore, ‘dai console commands’ are at your disposal to inject a fresh lease of life into the game.

dai console commands

DAI Console Commands

The ‘dai console commands’ are a cheat code system, which can introduce a plethora of features, completely transforming your gaming experience. Imagine obtaining the ability to level up your character instantly, eliminate all adversaries in a given area, amass wealth, as well as heal indefinitely. These perks are just a command away! Though it might seem a bit overwhelming initially, it won’t be long before you’re hooked to the enhanced gameplay that ‘dai console commands’ provide.

How to Initiate the DAI Console Commands?

To activate these cheat codes, follow the steps in the below section:

Time needed: 3 minutes

  1. Activating DAI Console

    Firstly, start by opening the properties tab of DAI from the origins window. Soon, you’ll notice a line beneath the title, which reads as ‘general/cloud saves/ Advanced launch options’.

  2. Right Options

    Your next step is to select ‘Advanced Launch Options’. A dialogue box will soon appear, opening up new possibilities.

  3. Console Command

    In this dialogue box, there’s a section labeled ‘Command Line Arguments’. In this area, you’ll type “-enabledeveloperconsole” and finalize by clicking on save.

  4. Launching the Game

    With everything set, launch the game. Be prepared for an exciting transformation afterward.

  5. Developer Console

    To access the developer console in the game, press the ~ key, a small button conveniently located below the Esc key.

  6. Cheat Codes

    Once you’re in, it’s time to input your desired cheat codes. Finally, after typing them in, press ENTER to execute. Soon the magic unfolds.

Following these steps, simply launch the game, press the ~ key that’s located beneath the Esc key, which will grant you access to the developer console in the game. Moreover, youb can input your desired cheat codes and press ENTER to execute them.

DAI Console Commands and Their Functions

While using the ‘dai console commands’, remember that they offer limitless ways to explore Dragon Age Inquisition, presenting you with countless opportunities to tweak the gameplay to your liking. So feel free to experiment and use these commands creatively to uncover novel ways of experiencing this epic game. In the following section, you can find the ‘dai console commands’ and a brief explanation of their effects:

helpAlters graphic options
runscript pc_immortalActivates god mode
Xrunscript dbg_setattrib x yProvides a 1-minute attribute buff
runscript addxp xAwards additional experience points
runscript chargen mageTransforms the player into a level 2 mage
runscript chargen rogueMorphs the player into a level 2 rogue
runscript chargen warriorChanges the player into a level 2 warrior
runscript bowlingforfereldenKnocks back enemies and forms a protective shield
runscript zz_supercrit playerBoosts player with 1000 mana, 1000 health, 50 Strength, and 50 Dexterity
runscript healplayerHeals the player and their party
runscript killallhostilesEliminates all enemies in the vicinity
runscript injury rempartyRemoves all injuries from your party
runscript addmoney xxIncreases your wealth by the amount specified
runscript zz_supercrit playerGifts the player 1000 mana, 1000 health, 50 strength, and 50 dexterity

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dai console commands


DAI console commands introduce a revolutionary element to the Dragon Age Inquisition game, allowing for boundless modifications to the gameplay. These cheat codes are a tool for mastery that can reignite your zeal for this legendary RPG, adding a fresh as well as exciting twist to your gaming experience. Furthermore, the transformative power of these commands extends beyond gameplay; it turns the immersive world of Thedas into a playground of endless possibilities, guaranteeing an adrenaline-infused thrill with every quest. Don’t just play the game, live it – try these commands as well as take your adventure in Thedas to unprecedented heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are DAI console commands?

These are cheat codes that can be used to modify gameplay in Dragon Age Inquisition.

How can I enable DAI console commands?

Open the properties of DAI from the origins window and follow the steps as explained above to enable cheat codes.

What benefits can I gain from using DAI console commands?

The commands can level up your character, kill enemies, add gold, as well as heal indefinitely, among other features.

Is it possible to disable the DAI console commands once activated?

Simply remove the “-enabledeveloperconsole” line from the ‘Command Line Arguments’ box to deactivate the console commands.

Can I use multiple console commands simultaneously?

Yes, you can use multiple commands at the same time to create a unique gaming experience.

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