Delete POF Account – A Comprehensive Guide

Intending to “delete POF account” from your digital roster of platforms? There could be numerous justifications behind this choice – you’ve discovered your dream partner, yearning for a hiatus from the online dating scene, or perhaps contemplating exploring other dating websites or applications. However, we comprehend and present this guide to make the process smooth and effortless.

Delete pof account

Understanding POF: The Delete vs Hide Dilemma

Distinct from the typical swipe-centric dating applications, Plenty of Fish (POF) prioritizes compatibility. As a user, you’re required to answer a variety of questions about your personal life. This complex matching algorithm makes POF special but also complicates the decision to leave. POF provides two routes to consider:

  1. Permanent Deletion: Opt for this if you are sure about ending your POF journey. It’s important to remember, you always have the opportunity to start afresh with a new account.
  2. Hiding Profile: If you’re in two minds about a complete exit, hiding your profile could be a perfect temporary fix. This will keep your profile away from others, giving you the necessary privacy while you make up your mind.

Delete POF Account on Different Platforms:

Planning to part ways with POF for good? Here are the necessary steps depending on your device:

Windows, macOS, Chromebook, or Linux:

  1. Firstly, Access the POF account deletion page, input your login details, and sign in.
  2. Then, Respond to the required questions and conclude the process by clicking on ‘Delete Account’.

iPhone/iOS or Android:
Deleting your POF account directly from the mobile application isn’t an option. You’ll need a mobile web browser. Follow these steps:

  1. Fire up your preferred mobile browser, visit the POF account deletion page, and sign in.
  2. Then, answer the mandatory questions, and finalize your account deletion by clicking on ‘Delete Account’.

Steps for Concealing Your POF Profile

Not ready for a final goodbye but need some solitude? Here’s how to hide your profile:

Windows, macOS, Chromebook, or Linux:

  1. Access and sign in to your account.
  2. Then, click on ‘My Profile’ > ‘Edit Profile’ or ‘My Profile’.
  3. Finally, scroll down to the ‘Profile Visibility’ section and select the ‘Hide Profile’ option.

iPhone/iOS or Android:

  1. Firstly, launch your mobile browser, visit, and sign in.
  2. Tap on ‘My Profile’ > ‘Edit Profile’ or ‘My Profile’.
  3. Finally, under the ‘Profile Visibility’ section, select ‘Hide Profile’.

Edit Profile Instead of Deleting POF Account

If the reason behind your intention to delete your POF account is low engagement or outdated information, refreshing your profile might be the right move. Here’s how to do it:

Using a PC or Laptop:

  1. Firstly, sign in to your POF account, click on ‘My Profile’ > ‘Edit Profile’.
  2. Finally, update the necessary details and finalize your changes by clicking on ‘Save Changes’.

Using iPhone or Android:

  1. Navigate to via your mobile browser and log in.
  2. Select ‘My Profile’, then ‘Edit Profile’.
  3. Then, modify your profile as per your preferences and click on ‘Save Changes’.
Edit Pof account

How To Discontinue Paid Subscription?

Time needed: 2 minutes

To cancel your subscription, follow these steps:

  1. Visit POF Website and Sign In

    Start the cancellation process by visiting the Plenty of Fish (POF) website. Make sure you are logged in to your account.

  2. Navigate to Your Account Page

    If you’re using a mobile device, tap on your Account page, accessible from the left of the screen. Desktop users should navigate to the Premium page located at the top.

  3. Select Subscription Expiration Hyperlink

    On the selected page, find and click on the hyperlink labeled “Click here to let your upgrade expire”. This will initiate the subscription cancellation.

  4. Confirm Subscription Cancellation

    Lastly, a pop-up will appear asking you to confirm your decision. Approve the prompt to finalize the cancellation of your POF subscription.

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Our exhaustive guide serves as a blueprint for users wishing to “delete POF account” or hide it temporarily. Each individual’s reason for leaving or taking a break from the POF platform is unique. Yet, the procedure remains the same, regardless of the reason. If you decide to venture back into the digital dating world, remember, creating a new POF account is always an option. As you prepare to exit, it’s crucial to understand that dating can be complex, but the process of removing your presence from a platform shouldn’t be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to reactivate a deleted account?

No, once you delete your account, you cannot reactivate it. But, if POF team deletes your account due to a violation of guidelines, you can appeal for reactivation via email.

How do I cancel my account if I can’t log in?

If you’ve forgotten your login details, use the ‘Forgot Password’ link from the sign-in page. Also, if you’re unable to recall your username or email, consider reaching out to POF support for assistance.

Can someone locate me by searching for my username?

Yes, but only if they have a paid POF account. The username search bar is a premium feature available to paid subscribers.

Can I delete my POF account using the mobile app?

No, to delete your POF account, you’ll need to use a mobile web browser or a computer. Moreover, the account deletion feature is not available on the mobile app.

What happens to my data when I delete my POF account?

When you delete your POF account, all your profile information, messages, images, and matches will be permanently removed from the platform.

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