The Top 5 Strategies to Disable YouTube Shorts

The wave of short-form content has swept across various social media platforms, with YouTube Shorts following closely on the heels of Instagram Reels. While these quick and captivating clips may be trendy, not every YouTube enthusiast appreciates this feature. If you’re seeking ways to disable YouTube Shorts on both the app and website, then this comprehensive guide is for you.

disable YouTube shorts

How to Disable YouTube Shorts?

The YouTube mobile app offers a straightforward option to mute Shorts, a feature that works similarly to the ‘Not Interested’ option. This method doesn’t eradicate Shorts entirely but rather stows them away while you browse, view, and exit the app. Remember to apply the ‘Not Interested’ option to every recommended YouTube Shorts to ensure effectiveness.

Time needed: 3 minutes

  1. Launching the YouTube App

    Start by launching the YouTube application on your preferred mobile device, whether it’s running on Android or iOS. Once the app is open, you can move on to the next step.

  2. Starting a Video of Your Preference

    Select any video that catches your eye. As the video starts, it provides an avenue to the Shorts section. Now it’s time to go down the rabbit hole to find the Shorts.

  3. Discovering the Shorts Section

    As your chosen video commences, it’s time to scroll down. This scrolling adventure will lead you to the mysterious land of the Shorts section. Once you’ve arrived, it’s time for action.

  4. Selecting the Options Menu on Shorts

    In the Shorts section, you’ll see a three-dot icon hovering in the upper-right corner of the Shorts video. This little icon is your gateway to a plethora of options. Click on it to open the door to possibilities.

  5. Opting for ‘Not Interested’

    Once the options menu unfolds, the ‘Not Interested’ choice is your knight in shining armor. Clicking on it will rescue you from the onslaught of YouTube Shorts, providing you with a more personalized YouTube experience.

Disable YouTube Shorts in Browser

Unlike before, YouTube now includes the Shorts tab on its web version. Despite the company’s emphasis on Shorts, you can still enjoy a Shorts-free browsing experience by following these steps:

  • Firstly, open your favorite browser on your Android or iOS device and navigate to YouTube
  • Upon loading, tap the three-dot icon situated in the top right corner
  • Select ‘Desktop site’ from the drop-down menu, prompting YouTube to reload as a desktop site
  • Finally, on the home page, click the ‘X’ at the corner of the Shorts section

This approach allows you to steer clear of Shorts recommendations temporarily, leaving you to browse in peace.

Disable YouTube Shorts on Android

Here’s a reliable technique: switch back to the older YouTube app that was pre-installed on your Android device, which lacked the Shorts tab or recommendation. Note that this method is effective only if your installed YouTube version is older than the one that introduced Shorts.

  • Long-press the YouTube app to access ‘App Info’
  • Click on the three-dot icon at the upper-right corner of the ‘App Info’ page
  • Select ‘Uninstall updates’ from the drop-down menu

After these steps, remember not to update the YouTube app and ensure the auto-update feature is deactivated on your Android device.

Disable YouTube Shorts From Older Version

Even after uninstalling the updates, if you find your YouTube app version to be above 14.13.54 (which includes Shorts), this method can be helpful.

  • Visit APKMirror to download an older version of the YouTube app
  • Install the downloaded version on your Android device (ensure you’ve enabled installation from unknown sources)
  • Open the newly installed YouTube app

Use YouTube Vanced

If the above methods weren’t sufficient, here’s another way: use YouTube Vanced, a YouTube mod that allows you to disable Shorts.

  • Firstly, visit the YouTube Vanced website on your Android device and download the Vanced manager
  • Navigate to your browser’s download folder and install the Vanced manager
  • Follow the installation process and then open YouTube Vanced
  • Navigate to ‘Vanced settings’ by tapping on your profile avatar at the top right corner and selecting ‘Settings’
  • Under ‘Vanced settings’, tap on ‘Layout settings’
  • Finally, toggle off ‘YouTube stories (Experimental)’ and select ‘Restart’ in the pop-up
disable YouTube shorts

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Understanding how to disable YouTube Shorts can greatly enhance your browsing experience, whether you’re looking to conserve data or avoid unrelated content. Plus, turning off Shorts doesn’t interfere with other features on YouTube. Enjoy a Shorts-free YouTube experience with these strategies!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I seeing YouTube Shorts in the first place?

YouTube is promoting Shorts to give users a taste of this trendy short-form content. If it’s not your style, follow our guide to send it packing!

I’ve selected ‘Not Interested’ but I still see Shorts, why?

Be patient, dear user. It’s like teaching a puppy new tricks; it takes time. Keep hitting ‘Not Interested’ on any Shorts that pop up, and slowly but surely, YouTube’s algorithm will get the hint.

Can I ever get completely rid of Shorts?

Ah, the million-dollar question. As of now, there isn’t a one-click way to get completely rid of Shorts. However, with the strategies we’ve shared, you can significantly reduce their presence.

Why can’t I just toggle off YouTube Shorts like other features?

YouTube has its own mysterious ways. While we would love a simple toggle-off switch, YouTube seems to think otherwise. But don’t worry, our guide has got you covered!

What if I change my mind and want Shorts back?

Fear not, fickleness is part of being human! If you want to invite Shorts back to your YouTube party, simply update your app or stop clicking ‘Not Interested’. Shorts will be back in a jiffy!

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