Crafting a Spoiler Image on Discord: A Comprehensive Guide

If you have ever pondered over the mystery of setting a “discord spoiler image”, you’re not alone. Many of us often share spoilers, and a considerate step to prevent accidental reveals is by marking your image as a spoiler. This useful function is available on Discord for both mobile and desktop users.

discord spoiler image

Discord Mobile Spoiler Image

If you are an iPhone, iPad, or Android user, you can mark your image as a spoiler with these quick steps:

Time needed: 2 minutes

  1. Activating Discord App

    Firstly, fire up your Discord app. Navigate to the chat intending to contain a spoiler image.

  2. Preparing to Send an Image

    Hit the “+” icon, located bottom-left of the chat screen. Select the appropriate image from your gallery view.

  3. Spoiler Tagging the Image

    Tap outside the image to return to the chat screen. Open the full-size image and enable “Mark as Spoiler”.

  4. Sending the Spoiler Image

    Finally, revisit the chat screen. Compose an optional text to accompany your image. Press send to dispatch your spoiler image.

The recipient will see a blurry image with a spoiler tag. Clicking on it will reveal the image.

Discord PC Spoiler Image

For those of you operating from a desktop computer or the web version of Discord, here’s your guide to sending spoiler-tagged images:

  • Firstly, initiate Discord on your device and open the relevant conversation.
  • Locate the “+” icon beside the message box and double click it.
  • This action launches your standard “open” window. Navigate to your image folder and double-click to select your image.
  • Once back on the conversation window, click the “Spoiler Attachment” option (denoted by an eye icon) located at your image’s top-right corner.
  • With your image now under the “Spoiler” tag, you can add a text message (optional) before pressing Enter to send it.

Finally, you have successfully shielded your spoilers! Enjoy responsible spoiler-sharing!

discord spoiler image

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In conclusion, Discord’s spoiler image function is a simple yet effective tool in ensuring responsible spoiler sharing. This feature has helped maintain suspense and surprise across various chats and discussions on the platform. Bear in mind these handy steps next time you’re on the brink of revealing a spoiler. The spoiler image feature is more than a tool, it’s a courtesy to fellow Discord users. Spoil responsibly!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mark a spoiler image on Discord for both mobile and desktop?

Yes, Discord provides the “spoiler image” function for both platforms.

What happens when an image is marked as a spoiler on Discord?

The image appears blurry with a spoiler tag. The recipient must click the tag to view the image.

How do I view a spoiler image on Discord?

To view a spoiler image, simply click on the spoiler tag overlaying the image.

Can I add a text message with my spoiler image?

Yes, you can add a text message with your spoiler image before sending it.

Is the spoiler image function available on the Discord web version?

Yes, the function is available on Discord’s web version.

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