External Solid State Drives (SSDs): Ranging from 240GB to 2TB

For individuals in search of a reliable and high-speed data transportation and storage solution, external solid state drives prove to be an exceptional choice. With a range of renowned brands like Multilaser, Western Digital, SanDisk, and Samsung, offering products at prices starting from as low as R$199, there is an external SSD that caters to every budget and requirement. The selection provided below has been diligently verified and compiled as of July 2023, ensuring you make an informed decision about your storage needs.

External Solid State Drives

External Solid State Drives: Multilaser E300

The allure of SSDs over traditional hard drives (HDDs) is evident due to their quicker data access and transfer speeds. This article showcases six of the most compelling external SSDs that range from 240GB to 2TB, all readily available in the Brazilian market in 2023. Starting at just R$199, the Multilaser E300 presents a 240GB SATA interfaced SSD. This entry-level model, although not as performance-rich as some of its counterparts, surpasses any external HD in terms of speed and efficiency. It is cost-effective, accompanied by the USB 3.0 interface for adequate performance. It has also earned it a place in this lineup despite a simpler design and finish. However, its performance may be seen as limited compared to NVMe units.

WD My Passport Go and SanDisk Extreme

Priced at around R$289, the WD My Passport Go provides 500GB of storage. Its superior rating attests to its quality and reliability, making it a worthy entry-level option. This model’s durability is commendable, providing resistance against two-meter falls and unexpected shocks. With a promised speed of up to 300MB/s and a three-year warranty, this SSD offers value for money. For those seeking portability with a modern touch, the SanDisk Extreme, priced at R$584, is a worthy contender. It delivers 1TB of storage and a distinctive, rounded design with a handy transport loop. With a three-year warranty and positive reviews from users, this SSD embodies reliability and good performance.

External Solid State Drives: Samsung T7 Shield & T7 Touch

Samsung’s T7 Shield, starting at R$644, is an apt choice for individuals seeking resilience and a larger storage volume. This SSD provides 1TB of storage and is IP65 certified, ensuring resistance against splashing water. Furthermore, the NVMe technology and USB 3.2 Type-C interface guarantee top-tier performance and increased user convenience, respectively. For those who place high importance on data security, Samsung’s T7 Touch is a promising solution. Priced from R$1,089, it’s equipped with a fingerprint reader ensuring data access to the SSD owner only.

Additionally, this model provides 500GB of storage space and a data read speed 1,050 MB/s, made by USB 3.2 connectivity. The 2TB Samsung T7, priced at R$1,120, is tailored for those needing substantial data storage. With a sleek design and the common USB 3.2 Type-C connectivity, it earns high praise from Amazon users, particularly for its ample storage and excellent build quality.

External Solid State Drives

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In conclusion, regardless of whether you prioritize affordability, portability, data protection, or extensive storage capacity, the market offers an external SSD tailored precisely to your preferences. By opting for one of the top six external SSDs of 2023 listed above, you can confidently acquire a dependable, efficient, and secure means of transporting, accessing, and safeguarding your valuable data.

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