Microsoft to Exclude File Explorer Functions in Windows 11

In a surprising turn of events, Microsoft has reversed its decision to remove certain functions from the folder options of the upcoming Windows 11 File Explorer. This change of plans officially announced by the company on Thursday (22), following feedback from testers. This unexpected reversal showcases Microsoft’s unwavering commitment to listening to its user base and adapting its strategies to meet their needs, ensuring a harmonious blend of innovation and familiarity in the highly anticipated Windows 11 operating system.

File Explorer Functions

Unexpected Update | File Explorer Functions

The initial update rolled out on the 14th to members of the Insider Preview program, outlined the removal of “old settings” in File Explorer. Microsoft’s rationale behind this move was to declutter the program. It was also to enhance the user experience by eliminating features that were obsolete. However, it quickly became apparent that these functions still hold significant value to a large number of users. The decision to exclude them received negative feedback from testers who expressed their dissatisfaction. In response to this outcry, Microsoft promptly reversed its course.

File Explorer Functions: Reintroducing the Features

Windows 11 Insider Preview build 23486 marks the return of the following folder options in File Explorer:

  1. Firstly, there is an option to Hide folder merge conflicts.
  2. Always show icons, never thumbnails
  3. Display file icon on thumbnails
  4. Display file type information in folder tips
  5. Hide protected operating system files
  6. Show drive letters
  7. Show pop-up descriptions for folder and workspace items
  8. Show encrypted or compressed NTFS files in color
  9. Use share wizard

These functions, which garnered significant support from testers, will be in the updated version of File Explorer.

Looking Ahead

As of now, the updated version of File Explorer is still awaiting release for the stable version of Windows 11. Microsoft’s responsiveness to user feedback serves as a testament to its commitment to delivering a seamless and user-centric operating system. By eagerly incorporating user feedback into their development process, Microsoft aims to empower Windows 11 users with an intuitive and customizable File Explorer experience, ensuring that every click, search, and file management task feels like a breeze in the digital realm.

File Explorer Functions

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Microsoft’s decision to backtrack on excluding File Explorer functions in Windows 11 demonstrates their willingness to listen to user feedback and prioritize user satisfaction. By reintroducing the beloved features, Microsoft reaffirms its dedication to providing a user-friendly and customizable experience in the upcoming Windows 11 release. The inclusion of valuable folder options in File Explorer will undoubtedly enhance productivity and user control. It will also ensure a smooth transition for users to the new operating system. Stay tuned for the official release of Windows 11, where these features will empower users to maximize their digital productivity and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Microsoft initially decide to remove certain functions from File Explorer in Windows 11?

Microsoft’s decision to remove these functions was for the intention to simplify the user interface and reduce clutter in File Explorer. The company believed that these features were no longer widely used in the latest version of Windows.

What prompted Microsoft to reverse its decision?

The negative feedback received from testers who expressed their reliance on these functions played a crucial role in Microsoft’s decision to bring them back. User feedback and satisfaction are essential considerations for the company.

Which functions will be retained in the updated version of File Explorer for Windows 11?

Following the reversal, Microsoft will retain several functions, including hiding folder merge conflicts, displaying file icons on thumbnails, showing drive letters, and more.

When will the updated version of File Explorer be released for the stable version of Windows 11?

The specific release date for the updated version of File Explorer for the stable version of Windows 11 has not been announced yet. Users can look forward to its integration into the final release of the operating system.

How does Microsoft’s responsiveness to user feedback benefit Windows 11 users?

Microsoft’s responsiveness to user feedback showcases its commitment to creating a user-centric operating system. By taking user preferences into account, Microsoft ensures that Windows 11 meets the needs and expectations of its users, resulting in a more satisfying and tailored computing experience.

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