Rectifying Fans Running At Full in Mac & Unrecognised Battery

Owning a Mac usually equates to a seamless experience. However, even these resilient machines may run into occasional hiccups. This could be as minimal as a sudden rush of fan speed, an unacknowledged battery, or the keyboard backlight refusing to illuminate. Luckily, these seemingly intricate hardware issues can often be remedied quite easily. This article will explore how to effectively “fix fans running at full” and address other related challenges on your Mac.

fans running at full

Addressing Fans Running At Full

This piece offers solutions for Mac users whose devices, otherwise performing smoothly, suddenly began manifesting peculiar behavior such as fans running at full speed, battery invisibility, and non-responsive keyboard backlight. If, however, these issues emerged post an accident – a fall, a spill, or a blow, the provided solutions may not necessarily rectify your problem. Your first line of action should be performing an SMC reset. An acronym for System Management Controller, SMC manages diverse hardware and its controllers on your Mac. When these controllers act up, resetting them usually solves the problem.

How To Fix Fans Running at Full in MAC?

Time needed: 2 minutes

  1. An Initial Fix

    Start by shutting down your desktop Mac, one without a removable battery. After that, remove the power cable. Allow for a 15-second pause. Following this, reconnect the power cable. Wait for 5 more minutes. Then, press the power button. At this point, your fan problem should have subsided.

  2. Different Approach

    For MacBooks, the process varies slightly. First, ensure that the power adapter is connected. Now, proceed to shut it down. Following this, hold down the Left Shift+Control+Option+Power buttons for 15 seconds. Release them. Wait for another 5 seconds. Finally, press the Power button. These steps should ideally fix your issues.

  3. Trouble Starting

    If you face difficulties in starting your MacBook, don’t fret. Remove the power adapter. Pause for 5 seconds before plugging it back. At the same time, press and hold the power button for another 5 seconds. Release it. Wait for 5 more seconds. Now, press the power button again.

  4. Consider a PRAM Reset

    Should the above measures fail, consider a PRAM reset. Although typically unrelated to hardware issues, it’s worth a try. If the issue lingers, professional help might be necessary.

  5. Professional Help

    For those with a valid warranty, an Apple store is your go-to. However, out-of-warranty users need not worry. Numerous other service centers offer affordable solutions. Make sure to do a bit of research before choosing the right one.

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fans running at full


Encountering hardware issues on a Mac can be daunting, especially when fans run at full speed, the battery isn’t detected, or the keyboard backlight refuses to shine. Fortunately, most of these problems are solvable at home with a bit of patience and the right steps. Whether you own a desktop Mac or a MacBook, an SMC reset can often address these issues effectively. However, if issues persist even after an SMC and PRAM reset, it’s a clear signal to seek professional help. For those under warranty, Apple’s expert service is the best. However, numerous cost-effective alternatives exist for those outside of warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SMC reset on Mac?

An SMC (System Management Controller) reset can fix certain issues related to fans, lights, video, power, and other features on a Mac.

When should I perform an SMC reset on my Mac?

You should perform an SMC reset when you’re experiencing issues with hardware functionalities like fans running at full speed, battery not being detected, or the keyboard backlight not working.

What is the difference between an SMC reset and a PRAM reset?

SMC reset addresses hardware-related issues on your Mac, while a PRAM reset pertains to system settings such as volume, display resolution, and startup disk selection.

What to do when Mac fans are running at full speed, but the system isn’t hot?

In such cases, performing an SMC reset often solves the issue. If the problem persists, it’s advised to consult a professional.

Where can I get my Mac fixed if it’s out of warranty?

There are many third-party service centres that provide Mac repairs at more affordable prices compared to official Apple stores. Always check for the centre’s reputation and reviews before choosing.

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