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Don’t let the mundane grind of the weekend get you down! If you’re struggling with picking the perfect game, dive into our collection of 10 Voxel-curated game recommendations. This compilation boasts an extensive genre collection of free games, from thrilling action, and strategic decision-making, to captivating role-playing games (RPG), and exhilarating adventure games. So gear up for a memorable gaming experience!

Free Games

Free games | Payday 2

Payday 2, the popular multiplayer shooter, has docked into the Epic Games Store, unlocking a crossplay feature with Steam. This guarantees an extended gaming community to enjoy the thrill of the game. Now, mark your calendars, the game is free until next Thursday (15th)! The release couldn’t be more timely, especially with an exciting sequel announced for a possible September debut.

Free games: Lies of P – A

Based on the timeless tale of Pinocchio, Lies of P spins a fascinating web of dark fantasy. Guide the living puppet through a dystopian city infested with mechanical beasts in search of his father Geppetto. With a soulslike gameplay style, patience and skill will be your best allies in combating foes. The demo, offering a sneak peek into the initial stages of the journey, will be available for free until June 27th.

The Sludge Life 2 – Dive into Quirkiness (PC)

This sequel to The Sludge Life extends a first-person exploration set amidst a whirlwind of chaos and eccentricity. You step into the shoes of a graffiti artist, tasked to leave your artistic impression on city walls while mingling with peculiar characters and unwinding mysteries. Furthermore, with pixelated graphics and hip-hop soundtrack, it offers a uniquely immersive experience. Try out the first chapter with the available free demo version.

Unturned – A Survival Challenge (Multiple Platforms)

Unturned poses a survival challenge in an open scenario brimming with the undead. Gameplay intricacies involve exploring various maps, accumulating resources, erecting fortresses, maneuvering vehicles, and combating zombies and other competitors. Despite its seemingly simple visuals, the game demands a hefty dose of strategy and cooperation. The best part? It’s completely free and can be enjoyed both online and offline.

Team Fortress 2 | Free games

Among the wide array of first-person shooter titles, Team Fortress 2 holds its ground as a fan favorite. The game allows players to choose from nine distinct classes of fighters, each equipped with unique weapons and skills. Moreover, with its humor, variety, and active community, the game has secured its position as a top choice for PC users, and it’s available for free on Steam.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – A Galactic Odyssey (PC)

Venture into the vast universe of the famed Star Wars saga with this MMORPG. It lets you craft a character, choose from eight classes, and form alliances as you embark on a thrilling journey across the galaxy. Brimming with endless hours of engaging content, missions, combat, and exploration, Star Wars: The Old Republic is free for PC users.

Final Fantasy XIV – Dive into a Fantasy World (Multiple Platforms)

Final Fantasy XIV is an online RPG that continually captivates the gaming community. From character creation to stunning adventures in the world of Eorzea, the game features mesmerizing visuals, an enthralling soundtrack, and a refined gameplay system. Regular updates and expansions ensure a fresh gaming experience, with a free version allowing gameplay up to level 60. ArcheAge stands out for its inventive nature and open-world exploration. It invites players to traverse diverse biomes, construct dwellings, partake in naval or land battles, cultivate plants, raise animals, and engage in trade with other players, providing an immersive RPG experience.

Fire Emblem: Heroes and Tower of Fantasy (Mobile and PC Platforms)

Fire Emblem: Heroes and Tower of Fantasy, available on mobile and PC platforms, offer turn-based strategic gameplay and action-RPG dynamics set in futuristic universes. With charming designs, fluid gameplay, and a myriad of characters and classes to choose from, these games ensure a robust and free gaming experience. Disney Mirrorverse blends action RPG elements with iconic Disney and Pixar characters, offering a unique gaming experience. In an alternate, dark dimension, form teams with beloved heroes like Mickey, Elsa, as well as Buzz Lightyear to combat formidable adversaries.

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In conclusion, this exceptional gaming experience for free is an invitation for gamers to explore, strategize, and challenge their abilities. The array of choices ensures that there is something to pique the interest of every gaming enthusiast. We hope you enjoy the selection we’ve made. Now, it’s time to immerse yourself in these captivating virtual worlds!

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