Unleashing Your Creativity in Sims 4: Mastering the Full Edit Mode

Harness the power of “full edit mode” in Sims 4, the pinnacle of a franchise with a history stretching back two decades. This feature-laden installment offers hidden settings and exclusive features, empowering you to tailor the narratives you wish to craft. The full edit mode in Sims 4 takes your creativity to heights you never thought possible.

Full Edit Mode

How to Activate Full Edit Mode?

The full edit mode in Sims 4 is key many gamers wield to extract maximum enjoyment from their gameplay. You can let your creativity take the reins by employing cheats for your Sims and their abodes. To do so, you first need to make the game recognize these cheats. Below are the steps to enable full edit mode cheats.

Enable Cheats on PC, Console & Mac

Time needed: 2 minutes

Activate Full Edit Mode on PC:

  1. Master Cheat Wizard

    What’s the incantation? Just press the CTRL + Shift + C keys, all together.

  2. Unleashing the Power

    After channeling your inner cheat wizard, you’re going to want to type in the magical phrase, “cas.fulleditmode”. Don’t forget to press “Enter” and witness your screen transform.

  3. Banishing the Cheat

    Done exploring your new powers? It’s time to send the cheat dialogue back to where it came from. A quick CTRL + Shift + C should do the trick.

  4. Modify in CAS

    With a trusty “Shift” button and a click on your chosen Sim, you’re just one step away from the ultimate transformation. Simply select “Modify” in CAS and voila! Your Sim is now ready.

For Mac:

  • Firstly, press Command + Shift + C on your keyboard.
  • Enter “TestingCheats True” and hit enter.
  • Now, either input your cheat or close the dialogue box with Command + Shift + C.

For Console:

  • Press all four triggers on your controller and type “TestingCheats True”. Hit enter.
  • Choose to either input your cheat or close the dialogue box by pressing all four triggers again.

Full Edit Mode CAS

Your initial creation options for hair, skin, eyes, clothing, and more become limited during gameplay, allowing alterations only via a mirror. But CAS breaks down this barrier, opening up “Create a Sim” for you, no matter your game duration. To open CAS, follow the steps below.

Open CAS on PC

  • Firstly, press CTRL + Shift + C.
  • Type “cas.fulleditmode” and press “Enter”.
  • Close the dialogue box with CTRL + Shift + C, then go to your chosen sim.
  • Finally, hold down “Shift”, click the sim, and choose “Modify” in CAS.

CAS on Mac

  • Firstly, press Command + Shift + C.
  • Enter “cas.fulleditmode” and hit “Enter”.
  • Close the dialogue box with Command + Shift + C and go to the sim you wish to alter.
  • Finally, hold down “Shift”, click on the sim, and opt for “Modify” in CAS.

Open CAS on Console

  • Firstly, press all four triggers and type “cas.fulleditmode”. Hit “Enter”.
  • Close the dialogue box by pressing all four triggers.
  • Finally, for PlayStation, hold down the O and X buttons. For Xbox, hold down A and B. Click the sim you want to modify.

Full Edit Mode’s Impact on Building in Sims 4

Normally, Sims 4 enforces restrictions on your in-game construction. However, with the build cheat in full edit mode, you can let your imagination run wild, unbounded by grids and zones. To use the Sims 4 full edit mode build cheat, follow the directions below.

Open Build on PC

  • Firstly, press CTRL + Shift + C.
  • Type “bb.enablefreebuild” and press “Enter”.
  • Finally, close the dialogue box by pressing CTRL + Shift + C.

Open Build on Mac

  • Firstly, press Command + Shift + C on your keyboard, opening the door to cheats.
  • Step into the world of limitless creativity by typing “bb.enablefreebuild” and hitting “Enter”.
  • Finally, close the door behind you, by pressing Command + Shift + C again, signifying the end of your command.

Build on Console

  • Press all four triggers on your controller, waking up your cheat mode.
  • Type “TestingCheats true”, validating your cheat permission and press “Enter”.
  • Now, type in the magical phrase “bb.enablefreebuild” and press “Enter”.
  • Finally, regain control by pressing all four triggers, closing the command dialogue box.
Full Edit Mode

Full Edit Mode Mods for Sims 4

  • Sims 4 is a treasure trove of user-made mods that enhance the game, offering extended choices for houses, careers, personalities, and more.
  • With an abundance of mods to choose from and an easy loading process, your gameplay potential is immense.

Mods on PC

  • Download the mod of your choice on your computer, extracting the magical elements from the .rar or .zip file.
  • Transport these files to your game’s mod folder, typically found in “Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods.”
  • Open the Sims 4 game portal.
  • Navigate to “Options” and choose “Game Options.” Then, summon the “Other” tab.
  • Tick the “enable custom content and mods” box, affirming your will to change.
  • Exit and re-enter the game, to feel the magic of the mods.

Mods on Mac

  • Choose your desired mod and download it. Then, unzip the .rar or .zip file by double-clicking.
  • Move these files to the mod folder located in “Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods.”
  • Launch the world of Sims 4.
  • Open the “Options” menu, select the “Game Options” tab, and then the “Other” tab.
  • Activate the “enable custom content and mods” box, welcoming the new elements.
  • Exit and re-launch the game to experience the changes.

Check Code or Use Different Code

  • Cheats can be tricky. If they’re not working, check the exact capitalization and spacing. Cheats are case-sensitive and demand precision.
  • If “TestingCheats True” isn’t unlocking the cheat kingdom for you, try using “TestingCheats On” instead. The keys to the kingdom can change!
  • Mods and custom content can clash with your cheats. If you encounter trouble after adding a new mod or custom content, try removing that file.

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In the end, mastering the Sims 4 full edit mode is akin to obtaining a wizard’s wand, letting you manipulate the digital world to your heart’s desire. Harnessing these powers, you can orchestrate fantastical stories and build breathtaking worlds that exceed the game’s standard offerings. Remember, your creative power has no limits in this realm, only bound by your imagination!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use full edit mode in Sims 4 without any cheat codes?

No, you must employ specific cheat codes to access the full edit mode, as it provides advanced features not ordinarily accessible.

Are mods available for Sims 4 on gaming consoles?

Currently, the Sims 4 does not support mods on consoles. This feature is mostly restricted to PC and Mac versions.

Can I change my Sims’ appearances in full edit mode?

Absolutely! Full edit mode allows you to modify your Sims’ physical attributes and fashion, exceeding the usual game restrictions.

Does full edit mode in Sims 4 allow me to build without constraints?

Yes, enabling the “bb.enablefreebuild” cheat in full edit mode liberates you from the usual grid and zone limitations of the game.

What should I do if my cheat codes are not working?

Double-check the code for exact capitalization and spacing. If it still doesn’t work, try a different enable code.

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