How to Play Games on Samsung TVs Without a Console

You can play games on Samsung TVs without a console system. The Samsung Gaming Hub is incorporated into Samsung TVs released from 2022 onwards, opens up the world of online gaming through Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce Now. However, this requires a valid account and subscription to a game streaming service and a compatible gamer controller that connects via Bluetooth or USB.

The Gaming Hub is a significant leap forward in making gaming more accessible and flexible. This Samsung innovation provides an avenue for those who can’t afford or don’t want a gaming console to still enjoy the thrill of high-quality gaming. It’s a step towards a more inclusive gaming world, where the only barrier to entry is a desire to play.

Samsung Gaming Hub: Your Portal to Console-less Gaming

Streaming services can be accessed directly from the TV’s menu. Here, we’ll walk you through how to download the platforms, sign in, and get gaming without a console using Samsung TV Q60B and Xbox service for illustration. While Samsung’s 2021 smart TVs can also download game streaming apps, they do not possess the complete Gaming Hub.

Games on Samsung TVs without a console

  • With the TV powered on and on the “Home” page, choose the “Apps” option.
  • Scroll through the applications page until you come across the “Games” option.
  • You’ll find several applications available for download. For Xbox and GeForce NOW game streaming services, simply select these options and download.
  • After selecting the platform, hit “Install.”
  • Once the platform is downloaded, click “Open.”
  • For the Xbox service, you can log in with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate account for game access. Click on “Enter” and follow the screen prompts to log in to the TV.
  • After logging in, pair a controller via Bluetooth or USB. Xbox, PlayStation, and Amazon Luna controllers, as well as models from Google, Joytron, Logitech, and Nvidia, are compatible.
  • Finally, just pick a game from the list and start playing.

How to Play Free Games on Samsung TVs without a console?

Samsung TVs also offer a variety of free games accessible through the application menu. After opening the game list, simply select a game and click “Install”. Most of these free games do not require a gamer controller; you can use the TV controller itself to join the fun.

games on Samsung TVs without a console

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Playing games on Samsung TVs without a console is a straightforward process thanks to the Samsung Gaming Hub. This guide should have you gaming in no time, no console necessary. It’s a testament to the ever-evolving world of gaming, where the lines between traditional consoles and smart TVs are becoming increasingly blurred.

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