Genshin Impact Strategy: Six Snares to Avoid for Spending Mora

In the complex landscape of Genshin Impact strategy, Mora stands as the central currency. It enables players to arm themselves with weapons and level up characters, thereby shaping their progression through the game. While Mora proves useful in many ways, efficient currency management remains key to thriving in Genshin. This article aims to reveal six traps that may tempt players to spend their hard-earned Mora unproductively, as HoYoverse has intentionally created situations that may induce inefficient Mora usage.

Genshin Impact Strategy

Genshin Impact Strategy | The Alluring Mistake

Genshin Impact‘ boasts a fast-paced character release schedule, seducing many players to try out and level up each new character. This endeavor, however, extracts a steep Mora toll, along with an investment in Talent Books. Pushing a character to level 80 alone can drain almost half a million Mora, considering the cost of talents, weapons, and artifacts. Hence, it’s judicious to limit character evolution to those who genuinely contribute to your team, rather than those who spend most of their time on the bench.

Cost of NPC Merchants Goods

Teyvat’s cities host various NPC merchants selling an array of items, from culinary products to materials essential for ascension. However, some merchants demand a hefty sum of Mora for items players can easily obtain themselves. Although purchasing cheap kitchen items seems harmless, the long-term costs can stack up. Thus, embracing exploration and collecting items along your journey through Teyvat is a more economical approach.

Genshin Impact strategy | Unnecessary Weapons

Genshin Impact’s vast arsenal, including standard and character-specific weapons, offers tempting leveling opportunities. Yet, indiscriminate leveling of every 4-star or 5-star weapon you possess can deplete your Mora reserves significantly, not to mention the essential enhancement materials. Prioritize leveling weapons that genuinely enhance your most used or necessary characters’ capabilities. The consensus among many ‘Genshin Impact’ players is that character evolution beyond level 80 offers dwindling returns. A steep 684,000 Mora is needed to elevate a character from level 80 to 90. However, key DPS characters may be an exception to this rule, provided you have Mora to spare.

Genshin Impact strategy | The Risks

Finding the perfect artifact in ‘Genshin Impact’ is a laborious task that often spans months. During this period, many players erroneously spend Mora on potentially good artifacts that unfortunately boast unproductive sub-statistics. While investing in decent sub-statistics might sometimes be worthwhile, avoid wasting Mora on artifacts unless they offer at least three beneficial sub-statistics.

Boosting Normal Attack Levels

Talent evolution can optimize characters’ potential but comes at a high Mora cost. Novice players often err by leveling all three character talents, a strategy only worthwhile for support characters or sub-DPS that don’t rely on normal attacks. To put this into perspective, leveling a talent to level 10 can cost up to 1,652,500 Mora, exceeding the amount required to evolve the character itself.

Genshin Impact Strategy

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Mastering Mora management is a crucial strategy for success in ‘Genshin Impact.’ Being aware of these six potential Mora snares and strategizing accordingly can ensure efficient Mora usage, enhancing your gaming experience and progression. The secret lies in measured spending, prioritizing essentials, and avoiding the temptation of unnecessary leveling or purchases.

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