Google Bard Widget Rumored for Android Home Screens

Rumors suggest that Google is working on a Google Bard Widget for Android home screens, initially launching for Pixel model smartphones. The AI-powered chatbot, designed to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, is based on the Language Model for Dialog Applications (LaMDA) and was released for testing in the US and Canada in March 2023.

Discovery of the Google Bard Widget

According to the tech site 9to5Google, the Widget was discovered through a code identified by the portal. Currently, users can access Bard only through its official website. Until then, the widget’s specific functionality remains unknown. Moreover, it is to integrate with other apps and serve as a versatile AI assistant on smartphones.

Initial Availability on Pixel Devices

The Widget is expecting to debut exclusively on Pixel devices, potentially allowing users to bypass waiting lists. There is no word yet on whether the widget will be available for other smartphone brands. Moreover, Google’s annual conference will be announcing more details about the feature, Google I/O, next Wednesday (10).

Google Bard allows users to:

  • Ask complex questions
  • Make product comparisons
  • Request recipes
  • Obtain accurate information on recent and past events
Google Bard Widget

Google Bard Widget Availability in Other Regions

There is currently no information on when the Google Bard Widget or the chatbot itself will be available in Brazil or other regions outside of the US and Canada. Additionally, Bard provides alternative links as references for users to explore further.

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In conclusion, the rumored Google Bard Widget may soon provide Android home screens with an AI-powered chatbot, initially launching for Pixel smartphones. As users eagerly await further details, the widget has the potential to enhance smartphone functionality and improve overall user experience.

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