Google Pixel 8 Video Correction | Introduction of Innovative Feature

The Google Pixel 7 introduced an impressive image editing tool called Photo Unblur, which enables users to enhance photo clarity with just a few taps. Now, it seems Google is gearing up to unveil a similar feature for videos. The Google Pixel 8 is expected to include a groundbreaking video correction function to improve video quality and offer creative editing options.

Video Unblur Feature

According to 9to5Google, Google is currently testing a Video Unblur function in the Google Photos app for Pixel smartphones. Utilizing machine learning and the advanced capabilities of Google Tensor processors, this feature aims to correct blurred videos and enhance overall video quality.

Following the release pattern of Google Photos’ HDR effect, they are anticipating that Video Unblur will initially be available for photo editing and subsequently be compatible with videos.

Additional Editing Options Other than Google Pixel 8 Video Correction

In addition to the primary focus correction and image improvement, Video Unblur also offers some other interesting features. For example, users can apply 14 unique overlay effects while editing videos, such as “Chromatic” for a chromatic aberration effect or “VHS” and “Super 8” to emulate vintage video formats.

It is a speculation that the Video Unblur feature will be exclusive to the upcoming Google Pixel 8. However, no information in the Google Photos app source code currently links the feature to the next-generation Pixel device.

Anticipated Release Date for Google Pixel 8 Video Correction Feature

Google has a history of introducing new image-editing features with each smartphone generation. For instance, the Pixel 6 debuted with the Magic Eraser, while the Pixel 7 brought Photo Unblur to users.

The Google Pixel 8 is expected to be announced in the second half of 2023. In the meantime, more information about the Video Unblur feature may emerge through official announcements or additional leaks.

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The Google Pixel 8’s potential video correction feature could revolutionize video editing on smartphones. By providing users with the ability to correct blurred videos and apply creative overlays, Google continues to push the boundaries of mobile photography and videography. The tech world eagerly awaits the Pixel 8’s official announcement and the opportunity to experience these cutting-edge features firsthand.

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