Google Removes Message for Anti-Fake News Bill | R$1M Fine

Google removes message against the Fake News PL from its homepage. It was after the National Consumer Secretariat imposed a precautionary measure. Moreover, the message suggested the bill could “increase confusion about what is true and false.” Faced with a potential fine of BRL 1 million per hour, Google withdrew the statement.

Google’s Homepage Message Removal

The Minister of Justice, Flávio Dino, announced the measure in a press conference on Tuesday (2), highlighting decisions with immediate effect. Furthermore, these included the obligation to acknowledge that the message against the Fake News PL was advertising against a bill that had been discussed for several days.

Senacom’s Stance After Google Removes Message

According to Senacom, Google’s message constituted abusive propaganda, necessitating counter-propaganda. Flávio Dino emphasized that the debate on the Fake News PL in the Chamber of Deputies had been proceeding normally, “until this weekend there was a profusion of studies showing an attempt to censor the debate, through atypical actions by companies that have their own economic interests.”

Google Removes Message | Potential Fine for Non-Compliance

Should Google have failed to comply with the precautionary measure, it would have faced a fine of BRL 1 million per hour. It starts from the date of notification of the measure.

Google Removes message

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In response to the potential financial consequences, Google quickly removed the controversial message from its homepage. This incident highlights the ongoing challenges and debates surrounding the regulation of fake news. It also highlights the potential impact of legislation on the tech industry. It also raises questions about the role of tech giants like Google in shaping public opinion on political matters.

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