How To Change Background Color On Instagram Story

“Learn how to change the background color on Instagram Story and elevate your social media game!” Personalize your content with a pop of color or match your brand colors by following a simple process.

Also, you can use Instagram Stories to share your daily life with friends and followers in a fun and creative way by adding things like text, stickers, filters, and now custom backgrounds. To enhance your content, consider changing the background color. So, get ready to start creating visually appealing content on Instagram Stories.

What is Instagram’s “Story”?

Instagram has recently introduced a new storytelling feature called “Instagram Story.” With this, users are now able to share both photos and videos in chronological format. In the same way, Snapchat, which is also a place to share photos and videos, has the added benefit of letting temporary content disappear after 24 hours. To view your followers’ Instagram Stories, simply go to the top of the Instagram app.

When compared to static postings, the functionality gives users a more intimate and genuine glimpse into their daily lives and opens up more opportunities for creative interaction and information dissemination. Instagram Stories has many options, like filters, text, stickers, polls, and the ability to add music and other media. This makes it a fun and interactive way for users to share their thoughts and activities with others.

How To Change Background Color On Instagram Story

Step-by-step guide

Follow these simple steps to customize the color scheme of your Instagram Story:

  • Throw open Instagram: Launch Instagram from your mobile device and sign in.
  • Create a brand-new tale: On the main screen, swipe right to open the camera and start recording a new narrative.
  • The pen sign in the top right corner of the camera screen opens the drawing tools.
  • Pick your poison! To choose a new backdrop color, just swipe left or right to navigate the color palette. Simply tap on the color you want to use.
  • Change the saturation level by dragging the slider at the bottom of the screen.
  • Once you’ve decided on a backdrop color for your story, you can start adding things like text, stickers, and filters.
  • Finally, click “Send” in the bottom left corner to share your story with your followers.
  • Furthermore, you can easily make your Instagram Story stand out by following these simple instructions to change the backdrop color. For all the creative individuals out there, good luck with your endeavors!

Instagram Story Colors

A few examples of Instagram Story color schemes:

Solid color: A solid color backdrop gives your Instagram Story a clean, basic appearance. Select a color that symbolizes your brand or improves the overall appearance of your tale.

Gradient: Moreover, a gradient backdrop can provide your tale with a unique and modern appearance. “Consider selecting two or more colors that blend to create a smooth transition.”

Pastel: Additionally, pastel hues are gentle, subdued colors that can impart a peaceful and relaxing mood to your tale. “These colors are particularly suited for creating a romantic or dreamy atmosphere.”

Furthermore, bright and strong colors are perfect for communicating a lively and enthusiastic vibe. Utilize them to grab the attention of your audience and make your story truly stand out.

Monochromatic: By utilizing a monochromatic color scheme, one can seamlessly integrate several shades of the same hue to create a cohesive and unified effect. Furthermore, this type of color combination proves to be particularly effective in fostering a relaxing and harmonious atmosphere.

Complementary: A complementary color scheme pairs two hues on the color wheel that are opposite each other. This color palette provides a visually pleasing contrast.

Although these are just a few examples of Instagram Story backdrop color schemes that you might use, Experiment with several color schemes to discover the one that best suits your narrative and brand.

Instagram Stories Background Gradient Change

Here’s how to make your Instagram Stories’ backdrop color a gradient:

Open the Instagram app: Log in to your Instagram account by opening the Instagram app on your phone.

Start a new story: To access the camera and begin a new narrative, swipe right on the home screen.

Tap the pen icon: Press the pen icon in the top right corner of the camera screen to access drawing tools.

Tap the gradient tool: Tap on the gradient tool, which is represented by two overlapping circles.

Choose two colors: Swipe left or right through the color palette to choose the two colors you wish to use for your gradient backdrop. To choose a color, tap on it.

Adjust the gradient: Drag the color picker at the bottom of the screen to vary the location and intensity of each color to adjust the gradient.

Add elements to your story: After you’ve created the gradient backdrop, you may embellish your tale with text, stickers, and effects.

Share your story: Finally, after you’re finished, touch the submit button in the bottom left corner of the screen to share it with your followers.

These solutions let you change your Instagram Story background to a gradient and create visually appealing content. Enjoy and create!

Change Instagram Story Video Background Color

You’ll need a separate video editing program for that. Several applications exist for this purpose, but they all function in much the same way.

  • Simply launch the program and load the video you wish to modify.
  • You may change the backdrop color by clicking on the color you wish to use.
  • The recording was successfully saved; I will post it to the narrative.

So, that’s the whole shebang! Altering the color of the video’s backdrop on your Instagram story is as simple as downloading third-party software.

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To conclude, changing your Instagram Story background color is a simple method to make your posts more appealing. Whether you select a solid color, gradient, pastel, bright and powerful hue, monochromatic color scheme, or complementing color scheme, the possibilities are virtually endless.

This tutorial will show you how to quickly and effectively alter the color scheme of your Instagram Stories, allowing you to attract more attention from your followers. Let your imagination go wild.

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