How to Delete Payment method on Lyft

Popular ride-sharing company Lyft offers a practical way to move around town. Although you might find that you have multiple payment methods saved in your account if you frequently use Lyft, you might wish to delete some of them. We’ll walk you step-by-step through the procedure of how to delete a payment method on a Lyft account in this blog.

How to Delete Payment method on Lyft

Here are 5 easy steps to delete payment method on Lyft

  1. Open the Lyft App:

    To begin, launch the Lyft app on your smartphone and sign into your account.

  2. Navigate to the Payment Options:

    Choose the menu icon in the upper-left corner of the app’s home screen to proceed to the Payment Choices. To access your payment options, choose “Payment” from the dropdown menu.

  3. Choose the Payment Method:

    All the payment choices available for your Lyft account are on the payment options screen. Choose the payment option you want to remove.

  4. Remove the Payment Method:

    You will see a “Delete” option after choosing the payment method. Lyft will ask to confirm the deletion after tapping on this choice. The payment method will be deleted from your Lyft account once you confirm the deletion.

  5. Check the Payment Method Deletion:

    Return to the payment options screen to confirm that the payment method has been successfully deleted. The payment option you removed ought to be gone from the list.

Benefits of Deleting a Payment Method on Lyft:

  • Security: You can lower the possibility of illegal access to your account by eliminating payment methods that you no longer use. If you’ve connected your account to a credit or debit card, this is very crucial.
  • Reduce Clutter: Removing payment methods that you don’t use anymore can also help your Lyft account become less cluttered. This can help you handle your other payment options more easily and can speed up the process of choosing a payment method for your ride.
  • Proper Payment Tracking: It can be difficult to keep track of your ride charges when you have several payment options recorded in your Lyft account. Your payment history will be accurate and simpler to track if you delete payment methods you no longer use.


If you have any outstanding payments or a current ride in progress, you will not be able to delete the payment method until the payment has been processed or the ride is completed.

If you are having trouble deleting a payment method or if the “Delete Payment Method” option is not appearing on the payment method details page, you can contact Lyft customer support for assistance. Furthermore, They can help you resolve any issues or answer any questions you may have about deleting payment methods.


In Conclusion, You can keep your account organized and secure by easily removing a payment method from your Lyft account. You can quickly and simply get rid of payment methods that you don’t require by following the step-by-step instructions provided in this article. In order to prevent payment issues or illegal access to your account, keep your payment information current. Hence, use these easy procedures the next time you need to deactivate a payment method from your Lyft account to enjoy a hassle-free journey.

People Also Asked

Q: Can I delete a payment method from the Lyft website?

A: No, you cannot delete a payment method from the Lyft website. You can only delete payment methods from the Lyft mobile app.

Q: Can I delete a payment method while I’m in the middle of a ride?

A: No, you cannot delete a payment method while you’re in the middle of a ride. You’ll need to wait until the ride has ended to delete the payment method.

Q: Will deleting a payment method affect my ride history?

A: No, deleting a payment method will not affect your ride history. Your ride history is linked to your account, not your payment methods.

Q: Can I delete all payment methods from my Lyft account?

A: No, you cannot delete all payment methods from your Lyft account. However, You must have at least one payment method linked to your account at all times.

Q: What happens if I accidentally delete a payment method?

A: If you accidentally delete a payment method, you can add it back to your account by following the same steps used to add a payment method.


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