Clearing the Clutter: How to Remove Videos from Continue Watching and Watchlist on Prime Video

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Ah, the joy of binge-watching! Amazon’s Prime Video has an extensive selection of movies and shows for every mood and genre. But have you ever started a movie only to realize it’s just not living up to your expectations? Or added a show to your watchlist, only to lose interest later on? It can be incredibly annoying to have these unwanted titles stare at you each time you open Prime Video. Whether you left it mid-way or added it to your watchlist on Prime Video; Amazon has got you covered.

To add to this, Prime Video also keeps recommending similar content based on your watching list, which can sometimes turn into a downward spiral of not-so-great movie suggestions. This is why keeping your watchlist and continuing to keep the list curated and up-to-date is crucial. It not only creates a cleaner, more personal viewing space but also ensures you get relevant content recommendations. So, if you’re ready to declutter and streamline your Prime Video, continue reading! Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to remove videos from your continue watching list and watchlist on Prime Video.

Remove Videos from Continue Watching on Prime Video

Why Remove Videos from Continue Watching?

Amazon constantly updates your continue-watching list as you explore new shows or movies. While this feature can be handy for picking up where you left off, it can also be a nagging reminder of a poor movie choice. Let’s see how you can declutter your list.

How To Remove Videos from Continue Watching (Web Browser)

  1. Open Prime Video:

    Launch your preferred browser. Visit the Prime Video website. Log in using your credentials.

  2. Navigate to the “Continue Watching” Section:

    Find the “Continue Watching” heading on your profile or main page.

  3. Click on “Edit”:

    Locate the “Edit” option beside the “Continue Watching” heading. Click on it to enable the editing mode.

  4. Remove the Desired Title:

    Find the title you want to remove from the list. Click on the cross icon (usually an “X”) on that title.

  5. Select “Done”:

    Look for the “Done” button, located at the same spot where “Edit” was earlier. Click on “Done” to finalize the removal and update the list.

That’s it! The list will update across all platforms simultaneously. Remember, this won’t affect your movie suggestions, and you’ll have to remove the item from your Watch History for that.

How to Remove Content from Watchlist on Prime Video

What is the use of the Watchlist section?

Amazon Prime Video’s Watchlist contains shows or movies you’ve chosen to watch later. But what if you’ve changed your mind? Here’s how to remove them.

From Web Browser

  1. Start by opening the Prime Video website in your browser, logging in with your credentials, and accessing your profile.
  2. Next, click on your profile icon, which is usually located in the top-right corner of the screen, and then select “Watchlist.”
  3. Once in the Watchlist, hover over the title you wish to remove and click on the list icon to take it off the list.

If you happen to remove a show accidentally, you have a brief window to undo this action. If not undone promptly, Amazon will permanently delete the show from your Watchlist. Should you want to re-add it at a later time, simply search for the title and click on the plus icon located beneath it.

Remove Items from Watchlist Using Web Browser

Using Prime Video PC App

  1. Begin by opening the Prime Video app and logging into your account.
  2. Next, click on the three vertical lines located in the top-left corner of the screen to reveal the menu.
  3. From there, select the “Watchlist” option (or “My Stuff” if you are using a Mac, found at the bottom-right corner).
  4. Now, hover your cursor over the title you wish to remove from your Watchlist and click on the list icon.

You’re done! You’ve successfully removed the desired movie or TV show from your Watchlist. Note that the app categorizes TV shows and movies separately, so you may need to choose the appropriate category from the top-left corner of the screen to locate the specific title.

On iPhone and Android

  1. Start by opening the Prime Video application on your mobile device.
  2. Next, tap on the “My Stuff” section, located at the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  3. Locate the title you wish to remove, then click the three vertical dots positioned in front of it.
  4. From the menu that appears, select the option labeled “Remove from watchlist.”

That’s it! Amazon will promptly update the list across all your devices. If the content still appears on the list, try closing the app and reopening it to refresh the changes.

Prime video on phone

From Smart TV/Apple TV

  1. Begin by opening the Prime Video application on your smart TV.
  2. Next, navigate to the section labeled “My Stuff” within the menu.
  3. Move the cursor to highlight the specific title you want to remove from the Watchlist.
  4. Depending on your remote, either click the green button, swipe up or long-press the center button. Some remotes may require opening a virtual keypad to select the green button.
  5. Once the options appear, choose “Remove from Watchlist” and confirm your selection by pressing the “OK” button on your remote control.

Congratulations! You have successfully removed a title from your Watchlist on Prime Video using your smart TV. Note that the procedure for accessing the options menu might differ slightly depending on your TV model, but the overall process should be the same across various smart TV platforms.

Watchlist on Prime Video

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Finishing Remarks

So those are all the ways you can clear shows and movies from your ‘Continue Watching’ list or from the Watchlist on the Prime Video account you own. While there’s only one way to remove shows from the continue-watching carousel, removing stuff from the watchlist is a feature that’s available on pretty much every smart device you own. It’s all about personalizing your Prime Video experience and ensuring that your streaming space is tailored to your tastes and interests.

Moreover, by regularly updating your ‘Continue Watching’ and ‘Watchlist,’ you empower the Prime Video algorithms to recommend more suitable and appealing content. It’s more than just keeping your interface clean; it’s about optimizing your viewing experience. So go ahead and curate your Watchlist on Prime Video to serve you the best content that resonates with your preferences.

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