How to Use & Join Discord Servers? A Beginner’s Guide

Ever wanted to know how to use Discord? This ubiquitous communication platform has become a staple in the gaming community and beyond. Offering text, voice, and video chats, along with screen sharing while gaming, Discord brings the squad together. This free tool offers more than just communication; it serves as a hub for communities, friends, and teams to connect in a seamless environment. Whether you’re an avid gamer or simply looking for a streamlined way to communicate and collaborate, Discord servers provide a range of features to tailor your experience. Here are tips and tricks to get started.

How to use Discord servers

How to Use & Join a Discord Server?

Time needed: 2 minutes

  1. Joining a Server

    Firstly, to join a server, search for it in Discord or access it directly if you have a link. Launch Discord and go to the app’s left-hand menu, where you’ll see the “Explore Public Servers” option. Use Discord’s Explore Public Servers button to find a server to join.

  2. Joining a Server

    Just hit enter after entering the server’s name in the search box. If any public servers match, they’ll appear in the results. Search for a Discord server. You can also join if someone in the server sends you a link.

  3. Creating a Server

    Discord’s “Add a Server” button can be found on the app’s left navigation pane. Finally, click the Add a Server button Discord. You can create your server from scratch or start from a template.

Setting Up Two-Factor Authentication

If you’re concerned about security, setting up two-factor authentication (2FA) in Discord adds an extra layer of protection to your account. Because of this, it is harder for intruders to get in. Both are available for download and account creation in the respective app stores for iOS and Android devices. Here’s how to set it up:

Before proceeding in Discord, download an Authenticator app. Discord recommends:

  • Google Authenticator
  • Authy

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

  • To begin, launch Discord and choose the settings cogwheel on the toolbar.
  • Click “My Account” in the left-hand pane.
  • Finally, click “Enable Two-Factor Auth” in the “Password and Authentication” group.

Managing Discord Notifications

Keep your Discord notifications under control and maintain productivity by customizing them to your preferences:

  • Access notification settings by navigating to User Settings > Notifications.
  • You can customize the type of notifications you want to receive and toggle the sounds on or off for each notification type.

Organize your Discord experience better by utilizing server folders:

  • Drag and drop one server over another in the left-hand pane to create a server folder.
  • You can also edit the folder name and color for easy identification. To do this, right-click the folder and select ‘Folder Settings’ from the dropdown menu.
  • Finally, highlight the text that may contain spoilers and click the Spoiler button (the eye icon) or use markdown syntax by enclosing the text with two horizontal bars on each side, like ||this||.

Writing in Markdown on Discord Servers

For markdown lovers, Discord supports this text formatting tool. Here are some basic markdown syntax you should know:

  • Bold: **text**
  • Underline: __text__
  • Italics: *text* or _text_
  • Strikethrough: ~~text~~
  • Single-line code block: `text`
  • Multi-line code block: "text"
  • Block quotes: > text (include a space between > and text)
  • Hyperlink: [link text here](
  • Spoiler tag: ||text||

Keyboard Shortcuts for Discord Servers

Increase your productivity in Discord with these keyboard shortcuts:

  • Navigate between servers: Ctrl + Alt + Up/Down
  • Navigate between channels: Alt + Up/Down
  • Navigate between unread channels with mentions: Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Up/Down
  • Toggle Mute: Ctrl + Shift + M
  • Toggle Deafen: Ctrl + Shift + D
  • Answer call: Ctrl + Enter
  • Decline call: Esc
  • Mark server as read: Shift + Esc
  • Mark channel as read: Esc
  • Upload a file: Ctrl + Shift + U
  • Search: Ctrl + F
  • Get help: Ctrl + Shift + H

Keybinds in Discord can be set up in User Settings (the cogwheel) > Keybinds > Add Keybind. Actions that can be assigned to keybinds include Push to Talk (Normal), Push to Mute, Toggle Mute, Toggle Deafen, and more.

Listening to Spotify with Friends on Discord Servers

You can share your music by connecting Discord with Spotify:

  • Select Spotify from the list of available connections by clicking the User Settings (cogwheel) button.
  • Follow the instructions to link your accounts. Once linked and Spotify is playing, click the + button in your chat to invite friends to listen together.

Discord is known for its excellent support and comprehensive documentation. If you encounter technical issues, check their documentation first. If your issue remains unresolved, you can reach out to their support team through their contact portal.

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Discord offers an impressive range of features to enhance communication, organization, and entertainment. Whether it’s managing notifications, creating server folders, utilizing markdown syntax, or sharing Spotify playlists, Discord’s functionalities cater to various user needs. By understanding and utilizing these features, you can personalize your Discord experience to make it more efficient and enjoyable. Don’t hesitate to explore and experiment with these tools, and if you ever encounter any technical difficulties, know that Discord’s support is just a click away.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Discord enhance communication during gaming sessions?

Discord allows text, voice, or video calls, enabling real-time communication during games.

What are the benefits of joining or creating Discord servers?

Servers facilitate community interaction, allowing groups to come together and share interests.

How can Discord help in staying synced while playing Apex Legends?

Discord’s real-time communication keeps players connected and coordinated during gameplay.

What security measures should be taken while using Discord?

Utilizing two-factor authentication and being cautious with personal information enhances account security.

How can Discord streamline communication for gaming communities?

By allowing voice, text, and video communication, and organizational features like server folders, Discord simplifies the interaction within gaming communities.

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