“iPhone secret codes: You Didn’t Know Existed”

It’s possible that, as an iPhone user, you’ve run into instances in which you needed to perform an unusual action, such as accessing a previously inaccessible function or fixing a problem that wasn’t easily remedied. Did you know that there are secret codes on your iPhone that allow you to access these options? This post will analyse iPhone secret codes and explain how to implement them.

What are iPhone Secret Codes?

The iPhone Secret Codes are a collection of codes that may be entered into the device to get access to previously inaccessible options. You can use these codes to do diagnostics, troubleshoot problems, and gain access to hidden configuration options that aren’t visible through the standard user interface.

Even though these codes aren’t common knowledge, they’re completely safe to use and won’t damage your gadget in any way. Indeed, they’re a great resource for power users who want to unlock the iPhone’s full capabilities.

How to Use iPhone Secret Codes?

In order to use secret codes on an iPhone, you’ll need to know a few things about the device itself. Make sure the iPhone you’ll be using has the most recent version of iOS before you start. Follow these instructions to unlock the codes:

  • Open the Phone App
  • Dial the Secret Code

Be sure you know what you want to achieve before dialling a secret code. Some of the most helpful hidden iPhone features are as follows:

1: *#06# – IMEI Number

The International Mobile Equipment Identity is a 15-digit number that uniquely identifies your mobile device. You can check your iPhone’s IMEI number by dialling *#06#. If you need to report a lost or stolen gadget, dial this number.

2: 3001#12345# – Field Test Mode

While in Field Test Mode, you may look up specifics about the cellular network, such as the signal’s strength and the location of cell towers. Just pressing the home button will take you out of Field Test Mode.

3: #31# – Hide Caller ID

While making a call, dial *#31# before the number to prevent the recipient from seeing your caller ID. With this setting, the recipient’s phone won’t reveal your number.

4: *#43# – Call Waiting Status

You may check if call waiting is active on your phone by dialling *#43#. If call waiting is turned off, entering this code will turn it back on.

5: #50057672# – SMS Center Number

The phone number designated as the SMS Center Number on your device is the one used to send and receive text messages. Dial #50057672# to verify your device’s SMS Center Number if you’re experiencing trouble sending or receiving text messages.

6: *#61# – Call Forwarding Status

Check the status of your call forwarding by dialling *#61# if your device supports this feature. If you need to make any changes to your call forwarding settings, you may do so using this code.

7: *#62# – Voicemail Forwarding Number

You may verify the forwarding number for your voicemail by dialling *#62#. Changes to the voicemail forwarding settings can be made using this code as well.

8: *#67# – Call Divert Status

Just dialling *#67# will reveal whether or not call diverts is active on your smartphone. If the call diverts is presently off, you may use this code to turn it on.

9: *#76# – Ringer Loudness

It is possible to change the volume of your phone’s ringtone by dialling *#76#. If you are experiencing problems hearing incoming calls, then this code will be of great use to you.

10: *#33# – Block Outgoing Calls

By dialling the number *#33# on your iPhone, you may check the current status of your call-blocking settings.

People Also Asked

Q: What are iPhone secret codes?

A: A secret code for an iPhone is a combination of letters, numbers, and other symbols that unlocks previously inaccessible options.

Q: How do I access iPhone secret codes?

A: Use the Phone app on your iPhone, then dial the desired code. A phone’s secret function or setting can be triggered by having it dial a certain number.

Q: Are iPhone secret codes safe to use?

A: Secret codes for iPhones are safe to use, but you should use caution. Be wary of using any of these codes unless you are certain in your knowledge of what you are doing, as they may affect your phone’s settings.

Q: What are some common iPhone secret codes?

A: The IMEI number may be accessed by dialling *#06#, caller ID can be turned off by dialling *#31#, call waiting status can be viewed by dialling *#43#, and so on (displays SMS message centre number).

Q: Can I use iPhone secret codes on any iPhone model?

A: Certain iPhone models may not be compatible with certain secret passwords, while others may operate differently. You should look out for the precise codes that apply to your iPhone model before attempting to use them.

Q: What should I do if I accidentally change a setting using an iPhone secret code?

A: If you’ve changed an iPhone secret code setting by accident and can’t get it back to its original configuration, consider resetting your iPhone to factory settings. However, this will permanently delete all information from your phone, so make sure you have a backup copy before proceeding.


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