LG Unveils Next-Gen OLED evo Smart TVs: Features and Pricing

LG, the South Korean electronics giant, has made a sensational entrance into Brazil’s smart TV market, unveiling its 2023 line of high-tech models on Monday (19). The LG OLED Evo series has gained recognition for its advanced 4K offerings. It now comes in three new models with varying size options. The prominent series includes the flagship G3, the versatile C3, and the entry-level B3. Each is able to cater to a different segment of customers. With prices commencing from R$6,499, these top-tier televisions have made waves in the Brazilian market.


LG’s Flagship OLED evo G3

The G3, LG’s most technologically advanced 4K model in Brazil, headlines the OLED evo series. G3 boasts a panel that promises 70% more brightness than conventional OLED. It also comes in sizes of 55 and 65 inches. Gamers will appreciate its new α9 AI 4K Gen6 processor, Dolby Vision support, and features like G-Sync and FreeSync. Additionally, the model offers superior sound quality with the AI Sound Pro system. It will also be providing 9.1.2 virtual channels and Dolby Atmos support. The G3’s prices start at R$9,999, peaking at R$17,999 for the larger version.

Mid-Range Marvel: The OLED evo C3

The C3, LG’s mid-range option in the OLED lineup, is an eye-catching model available in six sizes ranging from 42 to 83 inches. This version also offers an enhanced brightness of 20% more than standard OLED. It is the courtesy of the same processor as the G3. One unique feature of the C3 is the “WOW Orchestra”, promising perfect synchronization with LG’s soundbars. The starting price for this model is R$6,499, while the 77-inch version costs R$24,999.

OLED evo B3: The Entry-Level Enigma

The B3 serves as an accessible entry into LG’s OLED lineup. Available only in a 55-inch size, the pricing for this model remains undefined, making it an intriguing addition to LG’s OLED evo series. Featuring the QNED80 and QNED85 models, LG’s QNED series stands as a worthy competitor to Samsung’s Neo QLED. These models integrate LG’s NanoCell technology and quantum dots to offer a superior color experience and unprecedented contrast levels, closely matching OLED models. The QNED80 and QNED85 are priced between R$4,399 to R$24,999 and R$12,999 and R$18,999, respectively.

NanoCell and LG UHD: Enhanced Viewing Experience

LG also unveiled the updated NanoCell category with the Nano77, ranging in sizes from 50 to 75 inches. This smart TV promises vivid colors due to the α5 AI 4K Gen6 processor, with prices from R$3,199 to R$7,099. LG’s entry-level 4K line features the UR8750 and UR9050 models from the 2023 portfolio, which support virtual assistants, several streaming apps, and provide a smooth navigation experience. The UR8750 starts at R$2,999. LG’s launch event also hinted at exciting future releases, including the OLED evo Z3 – Brazil’s first 8K OLED smart TV – and the LG OLED Flex, a 42-inch TV capable of switching between flat and curved displays, perfect for gaming. These innovations, coupled with the current releases, underline LG’s commitment to advancing TV technology.


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LG’s latest release in Brazil reaffirms its status as a global leader in home entertainment. By launching the OLED evo series, along with the QNED, NanoCell, and LG UHD lines, the company continues to push the boundaries of TV technology. With its varied range and price options, LG aims to cater to every segment of the consumer market, ensuring that high-quality entertainment is accessible to all. As we look forward to the innovative releases planned for the future, it is clear that LG is ushering in a new era of smart TVs in Brazil.

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