Ready for the Drop? A Comprehensive Guide to Apex Legends on Twitch

Apex Legends on Twitch

In the ever-evolving landscape of Apex Legends, there’s always a new thrill lurking around the corner, promising to enhance your gaming experience. From March 27 to March 28, this thrill takes the form of Twitch drops, a treasure trove of limited-time rewards awaiting eagle-eyed fans. By merely tuning into the Winter Circuit Playoffs of the “Apex Legends” Global Series competitions, you stand a chance to grab these coveted items. But wait, before diving deep into this opportunity, there’s a crucial first step: ensuring your Apex Legends on Twitch is linked.

For many, the idea of account linking might sound like tech jargon. However, with a pinch of patience and a dash of diligence, it’s a breeze. As the age-old saying goes, “Preparation is key!” So, arm yourself with your login details, follow our step-by-step guide below on how to link your Apex Legends on Twitch, and set yourself up for success. After all, in the competitive world of Apex Legends, staying one step ahead can make all the difference.

Linking Your EA Account to Twitch: The Path to Exclusive Loot

Every seasoned gamer knows the thrill of earning rare items. And with the latest Twitch drop for Apex Legends, there’s a whole new way to feel that rush. Follow the guidelines below to link your account:

Steps to Link Your Account:

  1. Ready Your Accounts:

    To begin with, ensure your Gamertag or PSN ID is connected to your EA Account.

  2. Hop onto Twitch:

    Sign in or create an account on Twitch. Ensure you log into the one you’ll use to watch and earn rewards.

  3. Connect with EA:

    On the Connect with Twitch screen, input your EA Account details.

  4. Safety First:

    Input the security code EA sends you. This could be via your app authenticator or your email.

  5. Finalize the Link:

    Once you’ve inputted the code, just click “Yes, link them“. Celebrate once you see a confirmation!

  6. Double-check:

    Under the Connections in your Twitch Settings, “Electronic Arts” should now be listed.

Apex online match view

Unlinking Your EA Account from Twitch: Clean Breaks

Sometimes, change is essential. Whether you’re thinking of linking a new account or just want to break ties, here’s how to unlink with ease:

Steps to Unlink Your Account:

  1. Begin at EA: Sign in at, visit your profile, and under the Connections tab, delink the Amazon profile.
  2. Seek Help: Click on ‘Contact Us‘ at the top of Choose FIFA 21, your platform, Twitch as the topic, and “Account link issue“.
  3. Unlink Promptly: Follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Final Step on Twitch: Head to, click on Settings, then Connections. Under Other Connections, simply hit “Disconnect” beside Electronic Arts.

What are the Apex Legends Twitch Drops

Twitch Drops have become an essential part of the gaming community, acting as a bridge between game developers and the streaming platform. Apex Legends, being a leading title in the battle royale genre, hasn’t shied away from this integration, offering exclusive in-game rewards to players just for tuning into specific broadcasts.

  • Exclusive Rewards: Twitch drops for Apex Legends often feature unique skins, banner frames, and other in-game cosmetics that are unavailable through regular gameplay or the game’s store. This exclusivity boosts their desirability among players.
  • Engaging the Community: By tying in-game rewards to Twitch viewership, Apex Legends encourages its vast player base to engage with content creators. This creates a tight-knit community, benefiting both streamers and viewers.
  • Promotion of Events: Twitch Drops are synchronized with major in-game events and esports tournaments for player viewership. When players tune in to earn these drops, they also get to experience high-stakes matches or get a glimpse of new content, heightening the overall game experience.
  • Ease of Use: Once players have linked their EA and Twitch accounts, earning these drops is as simple as watching the designated streams. No additional steps or purchases are required.

In essence, Twitch Drops in Apex Legends serve as a multi-faceted tool. They not only provide players with rare in-game items but also promote community engagement and highlight major game events. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

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Key Takeaways

In the vast arena of Apex Legends, seizing every opportunity can elevate your gameplay and reputation. As you step into this new Twitch drops event, remember, it’s not just about bagging those exclusive Mirage items. It’s about fully immersing yourself in the gaming community, celebrating each update, and cherishing the collective passion of millions around the globe.

So, as the countdown to the much-anticipated Winter Circuit Playoffs begins, ensure your accounts are linked and your notifications are on. With every stream you watch, you’re not just inching closer to winning rewards, but also strengthening your bond with the vibrant Apex Legends family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is My Apex Legends Twitch Prime Skin Not Showing Up?

A: It can be quite frustrating when you’re eagerly waiting to flaunt that new Twitch Prime skin in Apex Legends, only to find out it hasn’t appeared in your inventory.
Account Linking Issues: To begin with, ensure that your EA account is linked with your Twitch account. For this process a misstep results in rewards not being transferred to the player.
Claiming the Reward: After linking your accounts, you need to manually claim the Twitch Prime rewards from the Twitch website. They won’t automatically appear in your Apex Legends inventory.
Delay in Delivery: Occasionally, there might be a delay from Twitch’s end in delivering the rewards. If you’ve done everything correctly, consider waiting for a few hours.
Re-login: A simple solution that often works is logging out of both Apex Legends and the Origin client, and then logging back in.
Check Region and Platform: Ensure that you’re on the correct server region and platform where you claimed the reward. For instance, if you claimed it on PC, it won’t show up on your console account unless it’s linked.

Q: What is the Apex Legends Twitch Prime Stream?

A: The “Apex Legends Twitch Prime Stream” typically refers to special streaming events or collaborations between Apex Legends and Twitch Prime. During these streams, viewers often have opportunities to gain insights into upcoming game updates, watch elite gameplay, or even snag exclusive in-game rewards. It’s a unique blend of entertainment and perks, tailored for the Apex Legends community on Twitch. If you’re a Twitch Prime member and an Apex enthusiast, it’s advisable to keep an eye out for these exclusive streams to enjoy both the content and potential rewards.

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