Meta Verified Status: Instagram and Facebook Verification Badges

Meta Verified is a new subscription-based service. It offers many premium benefits to Instagram and Facebook users. It was recently launched by Meta in Brazil. The cost of the service is R$ 55 per month. The primary attraction of this meta verified status subscription is the coveted verification seal. This seal boosts the professionalism of an account. Other key features include exclusive stickers for stories. Subscribers also receive heightened protection against fraud. There’s also dedicated support in Portuguese. The service is fast becoming popular.

Meta Verified Status

Meta Verified Status

This unique service has gained global reach and is currently available for subscription on Android and iPhone devices in regions like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and India. Let’s delve deeper into the aspects of this service and explore the eligibility criteria for prospective users. There exist certain prerequisites for Instagram and Facebook users to subscribe to the Meta Verified service. A subscriber must be at least 18 years old. Only personal accounts can avail of this feature for now. Business accounts are currently ineligible.

While the account can be either public or private, it must display the user’s full name along with a profile picture of their face. Should these details change post subscribing to Meta Verified, re-verification will be necessary. Additional security is with two-factor authentication. This must be activated within the app. You can do this process after the subscription payment. It’s crucial to note that profiles must meet minimal activity requirements. This means that the entire posting history of an account is scrutinized. This is to ensure adherence to the social network’s guidelines.

Pricing Details of Meta Verified Status

Subscribing to Meta Verified comes at a price tag of BRL 55/month for both Android and iPhone users. It’s important to note that Instagram and Facebook require separate payments, meaning you need distinct subscriptions to secure the verification badge on both social networks. Furthermore, the subscription fees are auto-renewed every month with no contractual period, allowing for easy cancellation at any given time. However, you have to request cancellation a minimum of 24 hours before the upcoming due date.

The Subscription Process

To initiate the Meta Verified subscription, one needs to navigate to the “Account Center” within the settings of Facebook or Instagram. Next, the user must upload an identification document issued by the government, such as an ID or CNH. The data on the account, including the full name, date of birth, and photo, must align with the information on the provided document. Furthermore, post-submission, the account is subject to a review process to ensure compliance with the eligibility requirements. This verification process may span up to 48 hours. The platforms caution that false information could lead to badge cancellation, along with potential additional sanctions against the profile.

Pre-existing Verification Seal Holders

As per Meta, accounts on Instagram and Facebook already boasting a verification seal won’t undergo any changes, regardless of whether the verification was conducted based on previous criteria. Such profiles can even apply for the Meta Verified service, provided they satisfy the eligibility requirements, to avail the added benefits of this subscription.

Meta Verified Status

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In conclusion, Meta Verified is a promising service that offers a suite of premium features, including the esteemed verification badge for Instagram and Facebook, allowing you to establish credibility and trust among your followers. While the service is available to personal account holders meeting certain criteria, it offers a unique avenue to enhance your online presence, secure your digital identity, and greatly boost your online visibility and reach.

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