Microsoft Aims to Expand Xbox Game Store to All Mobile Devices

Microsoft is set to challenge the existing software distribution duopoly created by Apple and Google in mobile app stores. The tech giant plans to leverage the upcoming European Union’s Digital Market Act to establish its own mobile game store. Furthermore, the new regulations, scheduled to take effect in March 2024, will enable companies to host their app platforms on iPhones and Android devices, making Microsoft mobile game store a reality.

Microsoft’s Vision for Universal Access

  • Microsoft aims to make its titles accessible on any screen the user desires.
  • The company seeks to create an environment where devices support apps from multiple trusted sources.
  • European law will require Apple and Google to open their systems to other companies.

The Influence of the Digital Market Act on Microsoft Mobile Game Store

Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s games division, revealed to the Financial Times that the European Union’s Digital Market Act would facilitate big tech companies in hosting their app stores. Spencer stated that Microsoft’s goal is to offer Xbox content and third-party partner games on any screen.

Existing Issues with Apple

Microsoft has previously encountered issues with Apple over its Xbox Cloud Gaming app. Apple required users to download individual games available through Microsoft’s cloud service, complicating the process for players. Moreover, As a workaround, Microsoft suggested players access the platform via Safari browser on iPhones and Macs, but this method is not as seamless as downloading the app through the App Store.

Investment in Mobile Gaming in Microsoft Mobile Game Store

Apple’s limits on app downloads have contributed to Microsoft’s decision to create its own gaming store. While an important step, this is only a piece of Microsoft’s larger strategy for the mobile gaming market. Activision Blizzard is only one of several game developers that the corporation has purchased in recent years. Major mobile games like Call of Duty Mobile and Candy Crush Saga will be Microsoft’s if the merger transaction is approved by regulators.

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Microsoft’s intentions to launch its own mobile game shop and extend the Xbox shop to all mobile devices herald the start of a new age in mobile gaming. Microsoft hopes to disrupt the duopoly presently controlled by Apple and Google by capitalizing on the European Union’s Digital Market Act. Finally, as the company invests more in mobile gaming, its innovative approach has the potential to reshape the industry.

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