Microsoft Copilot Test Opportunities | Integrates DALL-E

Microsoft has announced the opening of new spots for early access to its Microsoft 365 Copilot test, the AI-powered assistant for the service. An additional 600 users will be given the opportunity to participate in the AI trials, provided they pay an undisclosed amount. Alongside this announcement, Microsoft revealed new features for its artificial intelligence capabilities.

Microsoft Copilot Test: Gaining New Features and Early Access

Microsoft 365 Copilot, unveiled in February 2023, follows the launch of Bing Chat, a search engine with generative AI capabilities. The Copilot’s purpose is to assist users with various tasks, utilizing GPT-4, the cutting-edge large language model technology from OpenAI. To date, They have granted the users early access to the AI assistant.

Microsoft Copilot Test

Microsoft Copilot Test and Additional Services

Selected participants who pay for the privilege will gain access to Copilot’s new support for Whiteboard. Participants will also get Microsoft’s platform for creating collaborative canvases and notes. In Whiteboard, Copilot can suggest ideas based on specific topics and summarize notes.

PowerPoint now features DALL-E through Copilot, allowing users to generate illustrations for their slides. By simply inputting their desired image, such as a photo of people in a meeting, Copilot can create the visuals. Additionally, AI can convert bullet points into paragraphs and vice versa.

AI Enhancements in Loop and OneNote

Microsoft’s Loop, a Notion competitor, will utilize AI to summarize content produced by coworkers and team members. For OneNote, Copilot will assist in organizing content, emphasizing essential information, and improving the appearance and formatting of the visual notebook.

Outlook Gains AI-Powered Assistance

Outlook users can also benefit from the AI’s “smarter” capabilities, as Copilot can review email text and suggest improvements for a more assertive and professional tone.

For professional use, Microsoft announced the improvement of Copilot’s search tool, thanks to the Semantic Index. The AI will learn users’ habits and company operations, resulting in more agile and accurate search results.

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Microsoft’s expanded access to the Copilot test and its integration of DALL-E into PowerPoint signifies the company’s ongoing commitment to enhancing its services with AI technology. As more users participate in the trials and experience these new features, Microsoft’s AI-powered tools are poised to become even more valuable and efficient for individuals and businesses alike.

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