New Animated Emojis in WhatsApp: What You Need to Know?

WhatsApp is reportedly working on introducing new animated emojis to enhance the user experience during message exchanges. These emojis will transform static smiley faces into dynamic GIF-like animations. The information comes from the specialized website WABetaInfo, which spotted the new emojis in the desktop beta version.

New Animated Emojis Features

  • Animated emojis make message exchanges more fun and engaging
  • Developed using the Lottie library for rendering animations
  • Currently in the beta version for desktop users
  • Finally, no release date announced yet
new animated emojis

How New Animated Emojis Work

This feature is still under development, and its functionality may change before released to the public. As it stands, when an animated version of an emoji is available, they will automatically send it, replacing the traditional static version. Users may not have much control over this function, but since it’s still in development, adjustments will be there.

Future Updates Other than New Animated Emojis

WABetaInfo anticipates that an updated version of WhatsApp beta for Android and iPhone will include the animated emoji feature. However, Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, has not confirmed this information.

Apart from the new animated emojis, WhatsApp is also working on a new media selector for iOS. This update aims to optimize the app’s interface by improving the visibility of the field for accessing photos and videos. The beta version with the media selector feature is available for select TestFlight profiles and will be in iOS version

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WhatsApp is set to enhance its user experience with the introduction of new animated emojis. These dynamic animations will add a fun and engaging element to message exchanges. While the feature is still in development, it is expected to roll out in a future update, offering users a fresh way to communicate through the popular messaging platform.

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