Podcasts on YouTube Music with Background Playback Feature

YouTube Music expands its offerings with the introduction of podcasts on the platform, including support for background playback. This move aligns YouTube Music with other music streaming services that already feature podcasts, while also catering to the growing number of podcast creators on YouTube.

Podcasts on YouTube Music: What to Expect

  • Gradual rollout to users in the United States
  • Downloadable podcasts with background playback
  • Option to disable video and play audio-only
  • Availability to all users, not just YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium subscribers

The initial rollout of YouTube Music is currently limited to US users. YouTube plans to expand this feature to other regions in the future. As the platform continues to grow and evolve, users worldwide can expect easier access to their favorite podcasts.

Hints of Podcast Migration to YouTube Music

The move to integrate podcasts into YouTube Music has been in the works for months. Firstly, In August 2022 YouTube created a dedicated page for podcasts in the US at youtube.com/podcasts. Additionally, the Google Podcasts app has seen minimal updates since December 2020. However, the updates were only bug fixes and performance improvements for Android and iOS.

The disappearance of podcast episodes from Google search results in February 2023 further indicated the shift towards consolidating podcasts.

Competing with Other Music Streaming Services

Many music streaming competitors, such as Spotify, Deezer, and Amazon Music, already offer podcasts on their platforms. Even Google Play Music had this option. Moreover, by incorporating podcasts, YouTube can now better compete with these services, with the added advantage of being a preferred platform for many content creators.

podcasts on YouTube Music

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The introduction of podcasts on YouTube Music, along with background playback capabilities, sets the stage for a more comprehensive user experience. As YouTube Music continues to grow and adapt, it positions itself as a strong contender in the music streaming industry, while providing content creators and listeners with a seamless podcast experience.

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