Troubleshooting PS5 Connectivity: Navigating the PS5 WiFi Error

The unsettling occurrence of a faltering WiFi connection has been increasingly reported by numerous PS5 users, casting a gloomy shadow over their thrilling gaming adventures. This ‘ps5 wifi error’, as it’s commonly referred to, could feel like an unwelcome intruder disrupting your exhilarating digital quests. However, this guide acts as your trusty sidekick, loaded with practical solutions and techniques, ready to help you steer clear of this irksome issue and restore your seamless connectivity.

ps5 wifi error

Why does PS5 Wifi Error Occur?

Understanding Why Your PS5 WiFi Isn’t Connecting Your PS5’s struggle to latch onto WiFi could be attributed to numerous causes. Here are some frequent culprits that may be leaving you in a WiFi lurch:

The WiFi’s Internet Connectivity:

If your PS5 can’t latch onto the internet through WiFi, there’s a possibility that your WiFi isn’t providing an internet connection. To ascertain this, you can run a network test on your PS5 or check the internet connectivity on another device, such as a laptop or smartphone. A sporadic or sluggish WiFi connection could be thwarting your PS5’s attempts to connect to the PlayStation Network (PSN) or game servers. You can gauge your WiFi’s performance by conducting a speed test on your PS5 or another device. High latency during online gaming could be a clue that your ping rate is exorbitant.

WiFi Signal Limitations:

WiFi signals have a limited reach, approximately around 30 feet from the router, and this strength can dwindle due to barriers such as concrete walls, glass, or metal. Moreover, signal interference from other routers or wireless devices within your router’s range can diminish the reliability and quality of your WiFi signal. Your WiFi may be functioning perfectly well, and the apparent issue might be a consequence of a PlayStation Network outage or scheduled maintenance. It’s advisable to check the PSN server status as a part of your troubleshooting routine.

How to Solve PS5 Wifi Connection Error?

Conducting a network connection test can help diagnose where a failure might occur. This process offers a systematic approach to understanding your network’s performance and can guide you in your troubleshooting efforts.

Time needed: 3 minutes

  1. Accessing the Settings

    The first step towards rectifying your PS5 WiFi error revolves around familiarizing yourself with the console’s intricate settings. Venture into this world by selecting the ‘Settings’ section on your console.

  2. Navigating to the Network

    Once you’ve stepped into the realm of settings, you will encounter a variety of options. Guide your attention towards the ‘Network’ section, a critical destination in your journey.

  3. Network Settings

    Inside the ‘Network’ option, you will come across another selection named ‘Settings.

  4. Internet Connection

    Upon entering the ‘Settings,’ you will find a pathway named ‘Set Up Internet Connection.

  5. Manual Setup

    Once you’ve started setting up your internet connection, you will notice an option at the bottom of the list titled ‘Set Up Manually.’ Select this option, and it will allow you a greater degree of control over your network settings.

  6. WiFi and DNS

    Having chosen to manually set up your connection, the next step involves selecting ‘Use WiFi,’ followed by ‘DNS.’ This will enable you to tailor the Domain Name System (DNS) settings to your liking.

  7. Primary and Secondary DNS

    Here’s where the magic happens. You can input Google’s free DNS servers’ values: as the Primary DNS and as the Secondary DNS. This might just be the key to unlocking a smoother, uninterrupted gaming experience.

  8. DNS Changes

    With the new DNS values in place, select ‘Done.’ You’ve successfully changed your DNS settings, potentially leading to a better online experience on your PS5.

Altering DNS Settings in Your PS5

Changing the Domain Name System (DNS) settings of your PS5 may be beneficial when your console is experiencing connectivity issues due to your Internet Service Provider’s DNS. Employing other reliable DNS servers, such as Google’s, can potentially improve your gaming experience.

  • Begin by heading over to the Settings section on your PS5 console.
  • In Settings, select the Network option.
  • Within Network, click on Settings.
  • In the following screen, select the option that says Set Up Internet Connection.
  • Scroll down until you see an option that reads Set Up Manually and select it.
  • Choose Use WiFi, then select DNS.
  • Here, you can change the Primary DNS to and the Secondary DNS to, which are Google’s free DNS servers.
  • Once you’ve input these values, select Done.
ps5 wifi error

PS5 Closer to the Router | PS5 Wifi Error

The distance between your PS5 console and your router can significantly impact the strength of your WiFi connection. Barriers such as concrete walls, glass, or metal can further degrade the signal. Moving your PS5 closer to the router might potentially boost your WiFi signal strength, thereby improving your online gaming experience.

  • Firstly, try relocating your PS5 to a position closer to your router. Notice if there are any improvements in your WiFi connection.
  • If possible, try removing any physical obstructions between your PS5 and the router.
  • Also, if you’re in an apartment with several nearby routers, these could interfere with your WiFi signal. Reducing the distance between your console and router may minimize this interference.
  • Ultimately, for the best connection, consider using a wired connection with a LAN cable connecting your PS5 directly to your router.

Optimizing Router Settings

There’s more to your router than just a physical placement when it comes to PS5 WiFi connectivity. Enhancing router settings might prove to be a game-changer. Firstly, check if your router’s firmware is up-to-date. Outdated firmware can sometimes lead to connection errors. If an update is available, download it. Secondly, reboot your router. This can be done by unplugging it from the power source, waiting for about a minute, and then plugging it back in. Similarly, you can refresh your connection settings by turning off your PS5, then turning it back on. Moreover, change your router’s channel. Numerous routers operate on the same channel, leading to congestion. Changing to a less crowded channel could potentially enhance your WiFi’s performance.

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Navigating through the intricate pathways of PlayStation 5’s network settings could seem as intimidating as embarking on a complex quest in one of your favorite games. Yet, with deliberate steps and meticulous follow-through, you possess the potential to troubleshoot and possibly resolve this ‘ps5 wifi error’. Keep in mind, each console boasts a unique character, and consequently, the resolution can differ. Thus, armed with patience, persistence, and an organized approach, you can not only vanquish this network dragon but also reclaim your superior, uninterrupted gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t my PS5 connect to WiFi?

It could be due to various reasons such as your WiFi’s internet connectivity, unstable WiFi connection, WiFi signal limitations, or PlayStation Network outages.

What to do when my PS5 won’t connect to WiFi?

Check the PSN server status, power cycle your router, validate your WiFi credentials, conduct a network connection test, and examine for intermittent connection.

How can I check the PSN server status?

Visit the official PSN server status page at:

What is a good solution if my PS5’s WiFi is too slow or keeps disconnecting?

Troubleshoot your wireless connection, possibly with the help of your Internet Service Provider, as the issue could be due to slow or intermittent internet connection.

How can physical barriers impact my PS5’s WiFi connection?

The strength of your WiFi signal can be significantly impacted by things like thick, concrete walls, glass, or metal between your router and PS5.

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