Mastering the Art to Save Instagram Story with Music in 3 Steps

The dynamism of Instagram stories, encompassing images, videos, music, and text, has contributed to their immense popularity. Despite their allure, Instagram does not offer a direct option to save stories with music due to licensing restrictions. Nevertheless, this guide will introduce you to three methods on how to save an Instagram story with music, even without posting it. With these approaches, you can retain Instagram stories in your gallery, maintaining your account’s privacy.

Instagram Story with music

How to Save Instagram Story with Music?

For those who wish to save Instagram stories with music, here’s an uncomplicated trick that doesn’t require any third-party applications. This approach upholds the video quality and supports private accounts. Let’s walk through the process:

Time needed: 2 minutes

  1. Kickstarting the Process

    Initiate by opening Instagram and creating a story replete with photos, videos, and music of your choice. Rather than publishing the story, tap the three-dot menu in the upper right and select “Save”.

  2. The Drawback

    Although your story will be saved to your device, it will lack music.

  3. Back to Instagram

    Reopen Instagram, swipe left to the Messages section. Choose a chat, and tap the “camera” icon at the lower left corner.

  4. Choosing Saved Video

    Select the video you’ve just saved.

  5. Adding the Melody

    Swipe up to add music to your story. Ensure the “Keep in chat” option at the lower left corner is selected, then tap “Send” at the bottom right.

  6. Saving the Final Product

    Once the message is delivered, long press on the video for additional options at the bottom. Select “More”, then “Save” to download the video to your gallery.

  7. Achievement Unlocked

    Voila! You have successfully saved the Instagram story with music on your device.

Saving Your Published Instagram Story with Music

If you’ve already published a story or want to save an older one with music from your archive, here’s how:

  1. Open Instagram and navigate to your profile. Tap the hamburger menu at the upper right and open “Archive”, where all your past stories are saved.
  2. Choose your desired story, tap the three-dot menu and select “Save Video”. The story will be in your camera roll but without music.
  3. Similar to the first method, send the story video as a DM, add music, enable the “Keep in chat” option and send it.
  4. Once delivered, long press the video message, select “More”, and save the Instagram story with music.

Saving Instagram Stories with Music via Third-Party Websites

Despite the native methods, third-party online services can also save Instagram stories with music. However, these require your Instagram account to be public. To avoid any possible mishaps, avoid using third-party apps that require username and password login. Two safe tools include:

  1. Enter your Instagram username on the website, click “Download” to retrieve all your stories, find the recent ones, and click “Save as Video” to save them with music. For older stories, select “Show #Highlights”.
  2. Snapinsta: This works by copying the story link from Instagram, pasting it on the “Instagram Story Download” tab of Snapinsta’s website and downloading the story with music.

These methods provide a reliable way to save Instagram stories with music, either using native Instagram features or third-party tools. If you encounter any issues with Instagram DMs or want to disable suggested posts on Instagram, check out our other tutorials. Do let us know in the comments if you have further queries.

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Instagram Story with music


In a world where Instagram stories are an essential part of social connection and self-expression, being able to save those stories with music has become increasingly desirable. Whether you’re using native methods or exploring third-party options, this comprehensive guide has illuminated the path to achieving just that. With careful adherence to these methods, you can preserve your creativity and share it beyond the ephemeral confines of the Instagram platform. Always remember to exercise caution with third-party tools and enjoy the newfound control you have over your Instagram experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t Instagram stories with music be directly saved?

Instagram’s inability to directly save stories with music is primarily due to music licensing restrictions.

Can I save an Instagram story with music without making my account public?

Yes, the methods explained above allow saving Instagram stories with music while keeping your account private.

Can I save an Instagram story with music without posting it?

Yes, it’s possible to save a story with music without posting it. Refer to Method 1 for detailed instructions.

Does saving Instagram stories via third-party services compromise my account’s security?

As long as you avoid services that require logging in with your Instagram username and password, your account’s security will not be compromised.

Can I save an old Instagram story with music?

Yes, you can save old stories with music using Method 2.

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