The Art to Save Snapchat Videos on iPhone and Android Devices

Mastering the method to preserve Snapchat content may be a necessity in the modern social media era. Unlike other applications, saving videos shared on Snapchat isn’t as simple. In Snapchat’s universe, your shared photos and videos are ephemeral, fading after a 10-second window. However, if you crave to extend the lifespan of your shared or received content, there are ways to save these photos or videos within Snapchat or directly to your phone’s gallery. The article herein provides insightful strategies on how you can successfully save Snapchat videos on your iPhone or Android phone.

Save Snapchat Videos

How to Save Snapchat Videos?

  1. Saving Your Video on Snapchat

    Initiate your Snapchat video by long-pressing the shutter button until the preview screen materializes. Tap the “Save” button positioned at the bottom left corner of the screen.

  2. Video in Snapchat’s Memories

    Following the saving process, Snapchat will retain your video in the “Snaps” section under Memories. Reach this area by tapping the card icon beside the shutter button on the camera screen.

  3. Exporting the Saved Video

    To export, perform a long-press on the video you’ve saved and choose “Export” from the ensuing menu at the screen’s base.

  4. Video to Your Phone’s Gallery

    A share sheet will appear post-export, containing a “Download” option. This empowers you to transfer the Snapchat video into your phone’s gallery.

  5. Privacy with ‘My Eyes Only’ Feature

    For those particularly cautious about privacy, Snapchat’s “My Eyes Only” feature stands ready to conceal your photos and videos.

How to Save Videos from Your Own Story?

Your Snapchat Story isn’t beyond preservation. To save a video you’ve broadcasted in your Story, tap the Bitmoji icon at the top-left corner of the screen to open your profile page. Then, press the horizontal three-dot menu icon adjacent to the “My Story” heading. Select “Save Story” from the pop-up menu that appears. Snapchat will notify you that your entire Story will be saved to Memories. Confirm by tapping “Yes”. If you wish to save individual stories, you can do so by selecting the story from your profile page, and swiping up (or tapping on the vertical three-dot menu icon at the top right corner) and then tapping the “Save” button at the bottom left corner.

How to Save Snapchat Videos Sent by Other Users?

  • If you receive a looping Snapchat video (one without an expiration timer), Snapchat provides the option to save it in the chat window.
  • To accomplish this, long-press on the video you’ve received and select the “Save in Chat” option.
  • After saving the video in chat, it becomes visible to both the sender and recipient within the conversation window.
  • To transfer the video to your device’s camera roll, long-press the saved video again and choose “Save to Camera Roll”.
  • Note that Snapchat notifies the sender when you take this action.

Directly downloading videos sent by users isn’t feasible on Snapchat. If you wish to save these videos, you’ll have to employ your phone’s screen recording feature or rely on a suitable screen recording application. However, please bear in mind that the user might be notified if you screen-record their video or chat window. Proceeding with this action should be carefully considered due to the inherent privacy risks involved. If you decide to take this route, initiate the screen recording prior to opening the received Snapchat video. The likely notification to the sender by Snapchat should be noted.

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From a privacy perspective, Snapchat’s decision not to include a save button in the videos or photos others send you is commendable. By staying true to its transient nature, Snapchat continues to champion privacy in its services. If you’re planning on saving videos or recording the screen, seeking permission from the sender is always the best course of action. Furthermore, if you have any more queries about saving Snapchat videos, feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you save Snap videos from other people?

There isn’t a native feature on Snapchat to download videos from other users. However, you can ask the sender to provide looping videos or resort to screen recording. For looping videos, Snapchat offers an option to save them to your camera roll.

Can you save Snapchat videos without the sender knowing?

Snapchat typically alerts the sender if you’re recording the screen, so it’s a risk if you decide to proceed with this. It is not recommended to record videos sent by others.

How can I save a Snapchat video someone sent me?

If a video without an expiration timer is sent, you can long-press it and select the “Save in Chat” option, making it visible in the conversation window. Then, by long-pressing the video again, you can choose the “Save to Camera Roll” option.

Is it possible to use Airplane Mode to secretly save Snapchat videos?

Previously, enabling Airplane mode on your iPhone or Android device and taking a screenshot of the chat window was a workaround to save Snaps without the sender being aware. However, Snapchat has since patched this loophole. Now, Snapchat will notify the user when you reconnect to the internet.

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