How to Play the Revamped ‘Snake’ Game on Spotify

The iconic ‘Snake’ game that defined an era with its introduction on Nokia mobile phones in 1997, is back, this time for a session of nostalgia on Spotify. Reimagined for the modern age, the game, now titled ‘Eat This Playlist’, provides a fun twist to your music streaming experience. So, if you’re wondering how to locate and enjoy this delightful reinvention, we’ve got you covered.

Snake Game Spotify

Beginning Snake Game on Spotify

Time needed: 2 minutes

  1. Initiating the ‘Snake’ Game

    Begin your gaming adventure by opening the Spotify application. Choose from any of your favorite playlists. Every playlist you’ve curated holds the potential for an intriguing gaming experience.

  2. Right Playlist

    Once you’ve opened your preferred playlist, it’s time to locate the gaming feature. Look for the three dots symbol, strategically located below the playlist image.

  3. Spotify’s Features

    By clicking the three-dot symbol, you’re diving deeper into Spotify’s options. This action reveals another tab within the application, inching you closer to your gaming journey.

  4. Starting Your Gaming Session

    On the new tab, select ‘Eat This Playlist’. Within moments, you’re all set to start your gaming experience. What makes it even better is the fact that this journey is beautifully soundtracked by your favorite songs from the chosen playlist.

Understanding the Spotify Snake Game Dynamics

Drawing inspiration from the original, the aim of the Spotify ‘Snake’ game is simple: guide the snake to ‘eat’ objects appearing on the screen. In this rendition, each object represents a track in your chosen playlist, marked by the respective album cover. As the snake reaches each object, the corresponding track begins to play. The game grows more exciting with every song the snake consumes, extending its length and changing the background color to match the current album cover art.

Plus, you have the option to add the current track to your library simply by hitting the “+” in the upper corner. Take heed, though! As in the original game, the snake must avoid colliding with the screen’s edges, or it’ll perish. Additionally, running into its own body results in the snake shrinking in size. However, no defeat is final; you can always press ‘Try again’ and bounce back.

Availability and Other Details

At present, the Spotify ‘Snake’ game might not be accessible to every user of the music streaming service. The global rollout is gradual, aiming to stoke the fires of nostalgia for long-time fans over time. So, are you thrilled to play this revamped classic? Stay tuned to our site for more news, tutorials, and updates regarding Spotify and other popular platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp. Happy gaming!

Snake Game Spotify

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The reimagined ‘Snake’ game, now known as ‘Eat This Playlist’ on Spotify, weaves together the joy of gaming with the charm of music, creating a unique, fun-filled experience. As it gradually rolls out for all users, it promises to provide a fun, interactive element to your music streaming habits. Furthermore, stay tuned for more updates on Spotify and other exciting features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ‘Eat This Playlist’ on Spotify?

‘Eat This Playlist’ is the new version of the classic ‘Snake’ game, allowing Spotify users to interact with their playlists in a fun, unique way.

How do I access ‘Eat This Playlist’ on Spotify?

To play the game, open a playlist, click the three dots symbol under the playlist image, and select ‘Eat This Playlist’.

What happens during the game?

Your objective is to guide the snake to ‘eat’ tracks in your playlist. Each consumed song extends the snake’s length and changes the game’s background color.

What if the snake hits the edges of its own body?

If the snake hits the screen’s edges or its own body, it shrinks in size or dies, respectively. However, you can always press ‘Try again’ to restart.

Is the Spotify ‘Snake’ game available to all users?

Currently, the game is not available to all users. It’s undergoing a gradual global rollout, and should soon reach all users.

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