Social Networks in 2022: Beyond the Twitter and Meta Drama

From Twitter’s domination and Elon Musk’s acquisition to collaborations with electoral courts and greater advertising income, the year 2022 was a wild journey for social media. Despite the controversy surrounding large technology businesses such as Meta, there were appreciable achievements. Let’s talk about social networks in 2022 and the Twitter and Meta drama.

Social Networks Successes in 2022

TikTok and BeReal were two notable successes in the world of social media in 2022. BeReal, in particular, was the app of the year in the App Store. Additionally, partnerships with electoral courts aimed to combat fake news and misuse of platforms during campaigns.

Twitter’s Dominance and Elon Musk’s Purchase

Twitter was undoubtedly the dominant social network of 2022, due in large part to Elon Musk’s purchase of the platform. From the announcement of Musk’s 9.1% ownership stake to the eventual purchase for $44 billion, the drama surrounding the acquisition was intense.

The acquisition of Twitter by Musk was anything but straightforward. The company initially tried to avoid a forced buyout through a “poison pill” strategy. Musk accused the platform of releasing false data. The drama continued when half of the company’s employees were laid off just a week after the acquisition.

social networks in 2022

Musk’s Proposals for Twitter | Social Networks in 2022

Musk had several proposals for Twitter, including “ending” the difference in “castes” between verified and unverified accounts. He also took on Apple, calling out their 30% commission for any purchase within the App Store. Despite his efforts, Twitter Blue will be more expensive on iOS to offset the platform’s payments to the App Store.

Musk promised to promote freedom of expression on Twitter, but the intention wasn’t there. The platform created a new policy that prohibits sharing location data. This led to the suspension of accounts that disclosed profiles on other social networks. Journalists who publicized the jet account case were also suspended.

General Elections

  1. Social Networks in the 2022 General Elections:

    Partnerships with social networks, including Twitter and TikTok, formed to prevent fake news and misinformation from influencing voters during the 2022 general elections. The partnership included a direct communication channel between the networks and the electoral court’s complaints sector, allowing users to access the court’s communication channels.

  2. Increased Advertising on Google and Facebook in the 2022 Elections:

    Google and Facebook saw a significant increase in advertising revenue during the 2022 elections, with Facebook earning the most at BRL 88 million. The messaging app tool “Communities” got postponed in Brazil to prevent the expansion of fake news during the pre-and post-election period.

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While Twitter and Elon Musk dominated the headlines in 2022, there were still successes to be celebrated in the world of social media. Partnerships with electoral courts aimed to combat fake news and misinformation during campaigns, and Google and Facebook saw significant increases in advertising revenue during the 2022 elections.

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