How to Use & Join Discord Servers? A Beginner’s Guide

Ever wanted to know how to use Discord? This ubiquitous communication platform has become a staple in the gaming community and beyond. Offering text, voice, and video chats, along with screen sharing while gaming, Discord brings the squad together. This free tool offers more than just communication; it serves as a hub for communities, friends, … Read more

Fix the Issue of Discord Not Loading in Chrome: A Brief Guide

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Using Code Blocks in Discord: A Guide to Make Your Messages Stand Out

discord code blocks

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Discord Profile Banner: Size and Dimensions

discord profile banner size

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Crafting a Spoiler Image on Discord: A Comprehensive Guide

discord spoiler image

If you have ever pondered over the mystery of setting a “discord spoiler image”, you’re not alone. Many of us often share spoilers, and a considerate step to prevent accidental reveals is by marking your image as a spoiler. This useful function is available on Discord for both mobile and desktop users. Discord Mobile Spoiler … Read more