Can the Eyes of Others See My Google Drive?

Others See google drive

“Can others see my Google Drive?” This question often floats around in the minds of numerous Google Drive users. As a leading cloud service, Google Drive simplifies the saving and sharing of everything from a simple JPEG image to an intricate video file. The capacity to share a link to these treasures with your colleagues … Read more

Twitter Security Flaw Exposing Private Posts to Unintended Users

Twitter security flaw

Twitter has recently confirmed a security flaw that led to the exposure of Rodas posts. They were intended to be visible only to users’ closest friends. The privacy breach occurred within the platform’s Wheel feature, which is for sharing exclusive content with a select group of friends. Reported Issues Regarding Twitter Security Flaw The Wheel … Read more

WhatsApp boss criticizes Telegram Privacy | A Point to Ponder

WhatsApp boss criticizes Telegram privacy

WhatsApp and Telegram’s rivalry has escalated, as Meta’s messaging app chief, Will Cathcart, takes a public swipe at Telegram’s privacy policies. On his personal Twitter account, WhatsApp boss Cathcart criticizes Telegram privacy and urged users to consider alternatives. The E2EE Protocols: A Point of Contention According to Cathcart, Telegram lacks the transparency that many tech … Read more