Soccer Spirits: Master the Galactic League with the Ultimate Tier List

Soccer Spirits

Greetings, Soccer Spirits players! If you’re anything like me, then you know the unique appeal of this 2D CCG/RPG crossover published by Com2uS. Known for their popular mobile RPGs like Soul Finder, they’ve taken the gaming world by storm with Soccer Spirits. Along with, its strategic soccer-based battles and vibrant, anime-style artwork, Soccer Spirits have … Read more

The Ultimate Magia Record Tier List Guide

Magia Record

The Magical Role-Playing Journey Awaits Welcome to the magical world of Magia Record, an enchanting Japanese role-playing game released in 2019 that has captured the hearts of players globally. With a cast of over 30 delightful girl characters to choose from, each endowed with unique abilities and magical powers, your task is to assemble your … Read more

Girls Frontline Tier List: Your Ultimate Guide to T-Doll Domination

Girls Frontline

If you’ve ever dreamt of commanding an all-female team of tech-enhanced super soldiers in epic battles, then the Girls Frontline is just the game for you. Released by the Chinese company, Sunborn Games, this strategic role-playing game is a tribute to all things action-packed. Welcome to the world of T-Dolls, short for Tactical Dolls, each … Read more