How To Set Up PS4 Remote Play On Windows And Mac

PS4 Remote Play On Windows

Gaming isn’t just a pastime anymore; it’s an immersive experience that connects us to alternate realities. With the relentless march of technology, boundaries are being pushed, and PlayStation is at the forefront of these innovations. Imagine accessing your favorite PS4 titles, not just from your console but from your computer. Whether you’re a casual gamer … Read more

The Future of Gaming: How to Turn PS5 on from Phone

Turn PS5 on from Phone

Imagine it’s a frigid winter evening, and you’re cozied up in your living room, eagerly anticipating an intense gaming session on your PS5. The console, however, sits across the room, and the thought of leaving your warm cocoon to turn it on seems almost unbearable. It’s moments like these when the wonders of modern technology … Read more

Games leaving PS Plus in June | Games Set to Exit PS Plus

Games leaving PS Plus in June

Sony’s PS Plus consistently expands its gaming catalog, but certain titles also exit the subscription service. This June, “Games leaving PS Plus in June” includes a set of 17 titles bidding farewell to the PlayStation Plus Extra and Deluxe catalog. Users only have until June 20th to explore these games. The Games Set to Depart … Read more

PlayStation Games on PC | Sony Promises to Release Soon

PlayStation games on PC

Sony recently announced that it will be bringing more PlayStation games to PC in the coming years. This news unveiled in a consolidated revenue report for the fiscal year 2022. In the document, the gaming titan reiterated its plan to expand its console exclusives to computer platforms. As part of Sony’s ongoing effort to reach … Read more