Telegram shares data on neo-Nazi groups to Federal Police

neo-Nazi groups to Federal Police

In a move to aid the Brazilian government’s efforts in combating the recent spate of attacks on schools, Telegram has complied with a request from the Federal Police to provide data on neo-Nazi groups suspected of planning such attacks. The company was warned of suspension and daily fines amounting to R$ 100 if it failed … Read more

WhatsApp boss criticizes Telegram Privacy | A Point to Ponder

WhatsApp boss criticizes Telegram privacy

WhatsApp and Telegram’s rivalry has escalated, as Meta’s messaging app chief, Will Cathcart, takes a public swipe at Telegram’s privacy policies. On his personal Twitter account, WhatsApp boss Cathcart criticizes Telegram privacy and urged users to consider alternatives. The E2EE Protocols: A Point of Contention According to Cathcart, Telegram lacks the transparency that many tech … Read more