Be the First to Play: How to Get Access to Counter-Strike 2 Beta Limited Test

Access to Counter-Strike 2 Beta

The gaming world is ablaze with excitement, and the reason is none other than Valve’s much-anticipated announcement of Counter-Strike 2! This successor to the critically acclaimed tactical First Person Shooter, CS: GO, has sent ripples through the community, reinvigorating the love for a game that simply refuses to die. With the buzz about its upcoming … Read more

Mastering Your Gaming Budget: How to Track Your Spending on Steam

Track Your Spending on Steam

Ever looked at your Steam library, bewildered by the sheer number of games, and wondered, “How much have I actually spent on all this?” Whether you’re an avid gamer with hundreds of titles or a casual player, it’s a question that has likely crossed your mind. After all, as gamers, the costs associated always play … Read more