Unlocking the Past: A Comprehensive Guide to the Xbox Backward Compatibility

the Xbox Backward Compatibility

As an Xbox owner, have you ever wished to relive some of your favorite gaming experiences from past generations? You’re in luck! Both Xbox One and the new Xbox Series X/S offer backward compatibility, allowing you to play hundreds of Xbox 360 and original Xbox games. This remarkable feature extends the life of your favorite … Read more

Video Game Featuring a Real-Life Actor Worthy of an Oscar

Video Game Actor

Video games have earned recognition as powerful storytelling mediums, often made more impressive with the contribution of a real-life actor. They bring an extra dimension of performance quality to characters and draw the admiration of fans, adding significant depth and authenticity. Some extraordinary instances include Terry Crews in “Crackdown 3”, Keanu Reeves in “Cyberpunk 2077”, … Read more

Free games to Redeem and Play on PC, consoles, and mobile

Free Games

Don’t let the mundane grind of the weekend get you down! If you’re struggling with picking the perfect game, dive into our collection of 10 Voxel-curated game recommendations. This compilation boasts an extensive genre collection of free games, from thrilling action, and strategic decision-making, to captivating role-playing games (RPG), and exhilarating adventure games. So gear … Read more

Nintendo and I: Discover the Nostalgic Film Trailer and Details

Nintendo and I film

Get ready for a nostalgic journey with the upcoming film, “Nintendo and I,” a Filipino movie set to premiere in Brazil on Thursday, April 27, through Pandora Filmes. Directed by Raya Martin and written by Valerie Castillo Martinez, this captivating film has already showcased at film festivals and is now making its way to the … Read more