8 Easy Ways to Take Screenshots in Windows 10 and 11

Take Screenshots in Windows

In today’s digital age, taking screenshots has become second nature to many of us. Whether it’s capturing an amusing meme, preserving a snippet of a critical email, or saving a moment from a video call, screenshots are an integral part of our digital expression. If you’re operating on Windows 10 or the fresh-out-of-the-oven Windows 11, you’ve got a buffet of ways to take Screenshots in Windows 10 and 11 at your fingertips.

Screenshots, apart from being a convenient tool, serve as visual bookmarks, enabling us to quickly share, reference, or simply reminisce. Especially with the diverse features Windows platforms offer, screenshotting is more than just pressing a button—it’s about choosing the method that fits the moment best. Let’s dive into the world of Windows screenshots and discover the best techniques available to take screenshots in Windows 10 and 11.

Why Screenshotting Matters

Remember that time you tried to explain a tech issue over the phone or wanted to share a snippet of an interesting article? Screenshots are lifesavers. Plus, with Windows 10 still supported till October 2025, you don’t need to rush to Windows 11. Let’s dive into the best methods to take screenshots in Windows for both platforms.

1. Snip & Sketch

The Modern Way

Gone are the days when taking a screenshot felt like cracking a code. With the Snip & Sketch tool, grabbing a section or the whole of your screen is just a keyboard shortcut away! Just press Windows key + Shift + S and select from options like rectangular, freeform, window, or full-screen. Missed the popup? Don’t sweat it; it’s also saved in the notification panel. For those who prefer clicking, the tool is just a Start menu away.

Helpful Tip

While the immediate screenshot feature is neat, sometimes you need a delay option. If you access Snip & Sketch from the Start menu, you can use the New button to introduce a delay of 3 or 10 seconds. Perfect for when you need to set up the perfect shot!

2. Snipping Tool

The Classic Method

A loyal companion since the days of Windows Vista, the Snipping Tool is still going strong. Although you can take screenshot in windows 10 without snipping tool, it is still one of the most user friendly tools for screenshots in Microsoft’s arsenal. This tool lets you choose from several snipping types and remember, it won’t save your screenshot automatically.

3. Print Screen

Quick and efficient, just tap the PrtScn key. The screenshot is copied to the clipboard, ready for you to paste and save using an image editor.

Screen print shortcut

4. Windows Key + Print Screen

If you want to save your full-screen screenshot automatically, the combination of Windows key + Print Screen key is your best bet. The screenshot is neatly saved in the Pictures > Screenshots folder.

5. Alt + Print Screen

When you only want to capture the active window, use the Alt + PrtScn shortcut. After this, simply paste it into your preferred image editor.

6. The Alternative to Print Screen

For those devices missing the PrtScn key, Fn + Windows logo key + Space Bar is the magic combination. Your screenshot awaits in the Pictures > Screenshots folder.

7. Game Bar Method

Gamers or not, the Game bar is an efficient way to snap a screenshot. Just ensure the Game bar settings are toggled on. Access it with Windows key + G, then either click the screenshot button or use Windows key + Alt + PrtScn.

8. Windows Logo + Volume Down (For Surface Devices)

Surface device users can use a combo of physical buttons to screenshot their entire screen. Just hold the Windows Logo touch button and press the volume-down button. Your screenshot is saved in the Pictures > Screenshots folder.

Last Resort: Third-party Apps

In the ever-evolving landscape of Windows OS, the built-in tools for taking screenshots have certainly come a long way. From the classic ‘Print Screen‘ button to the nifty ‘Snipping Tool‘ and the recent ‘Snip & Sketch‘ in Windows 10, users have a variety of native options. Yet, for many, third-party screenshot applications remain a go-to choice. Programs like Lightshot, Greenshot, and ShareX have gained popularity, not just for their screenshot capabilities, but for a suite of features like advanced editing, easy annotation, and integrated cloud storage, making sharing and collaboration a breeze.

Take Screenshots on Windows

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Closing Statements

Screenshots have evolved from simple screen captures to versatile tools that cater to a range of needs, from professional documentation to personal memorabilia. Both Windows 10 and 11 offer an arsenal of screenshot tools, ensuring that users can effortlessly capture any moment on their screens. From classic methods like the Print Screen key to the innovative Game bar and the tactile combination on Surface devices, Windows continues to cater to the diverse needs of its vast user base.

As technology evolves, so do the methods and tools we use, and it’s always beneficial to stay updated with the latest offerings. By mastering how to take screenshots in Windows, you’ll be equipped to capture, share, and cherish any digital moment with ease. Whether you’re working on a project, creating tutorials, or simply want to share something interesting with friends, these Windows screenshot tools ensure you’re always ready to grab the perfect shot.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to take a long screenshot in Windows 11?

Windows 11 doesn’t natively support long screenshots. However, third-party tools like ShareX, Snagit, and PicPick can capture scrolling windows. Simply install your chosen tool, select its ‘Scrolling Window‘ or equivalent option, and capture the desired content. Always download from trusted sources and keep tools updated.

I am unable to take a screenshot in Windows 11. What should I do?

Ensure your keyboard’s “PrtScn” key works. Try alternatives like “Windows + Shift + S” for Snip & Sketch or “Windows + Print Screen” to save directly to the Screenshots folder. If still unsuccessful, consider using third-party tools.

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