Telly’s Free TV offer | Startup Promises No-Cost 55′ TV

In an unexpected but intriguing move, the American startup Telly has rolled out an unusual initiative – “Telly’s free TV offer”. They are presenting US consumers with an opportunity to receive 500,000 units of a TV, completely free. The catch? A second screen at the bottom of the device displays continuous advertisements.

Unpacking Telly’s Free TV Offer

This audacious plan places a thin strip, termed the “Smart Display” by Telly, beneath the soundbar. Operating independently of the primary TV, the Smart Display presents ads and various widgets such as sports scores, real-time news updates, weather forecasts, and stock prices.

Moreover, the brain behind Telly and its trailblazing concept is Ilya Pozin, the co-founder of Pluto TV. He describes Telly’s mission as extending Pluto TV’s free content provision model to include actual television sets.

The “Free” in Telly’s Free TV Offer

The secret ingredient of Telly’s free TV offer is no secret at all – it’s advertisements. Telly argues that other streaming TV systems, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and even Netflix’s basic ad-supported plan, already integrate on-screen ads. Telly optimizes the ad experience by asking sign-up questions to tailor the ads displayed on the Smart Screen. Brands, in turn, pay for this non-intrusive ad space, allowing Telly to offer their TVs for free.

Working Mechanism of Telly TV

While Telly keeps the technical details of the free TV offer fairly under wraps, it does mention a 55-inch 4K HDR main screen and a soundbar with “five drivers and excellent bass.” The TV comes with three HDMI ports and an Android TV-type stick that can be fitted into one of these ports. However, consumers can opt for a streaming box of their choice.

Additionally, the Smart TV incorporates a camera in the soundbar’s middle for free advanced motion-tracking fitness programs and Zoom integration. Despite these appealing features, Telly’s privacy policy may give some users pause, as it allows for the collection of information regarding viewing habits. Furthermore, users uncomfortable with this policy can return the TV or pay a $500 fee.

Telly's free TV offer

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Telly’s free TV offer pushes the envelope of consumer technology, marrying traditional television viewing with innovative advertising strategies. While the continuous ad display and potential privacy concerns may be deal-breakers for some, the offer presents an intriguing model for future TV tech, prompting us to reconsider the potential of advertising in consumer hardware. Only time will tell if Telly’s daring venture will redefine the television industry or remain a unique experiment.

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